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Find Natural Beauty With Herbs
She personified refulgent health that flowed from a core of harmony and balance. Cosmeos never sought to semblance what she was or how she looked; rather, she fed her inner fire with the eternal gifts of the earth. Her natural beauty was as rich in as the

Beauty Schools of America® and Palm Beach Academy of Health & Beauty
Palm Seaside Academy of Health & Beauty (PBA) offers an impressive and comprehensive cosmetology program. This inch by inch blends the technical training necessary with the artistry desired by so many salons and spas. Graduates will be set to practice 

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Mother's Day specials from Jo Malone

The four new limited edition colognes in the London Rain collection have been created by Christine Nagel, the famous nose behind so many of the fabulous fragrances in the Jo Malone range. 

The brief was to capture the different moods of a downpour: from sprinkle through to storm.

On the lighter end of the scale is ‘Rain & Angelica’ - a lively herbal hit warmed with base notes of Vetiver – and ‘Wisteria & Violet’, a gorgeously light and feminine floral.  

Another floral, Jo Malone’s crisp ‘White Jasmine & Mint’, has had the stunning dip dye bottle treatment and joins the limited edition range.  And, for a fuller soak, the fourth fragrance in the line-up is ‘Black Cedarwood & Juniper’ – a spicy little number that promises to evoke midnight rain in the city.

If you think your mother would prefer something fruity, Jo Malone’s ‘Blackberry and Bay’ cologne is available in beautiful new packaging designed by artist Michael Angrove. The limited edition range starts from £20 with scented sachets and includes soaps and a scented candle.

Dark Chocolate Flavanols Provide Natural Health and Beauty Benefits

Health, beauty and food are all three important factors in life. These three factors are directly connected to each other in several ways. It would be easiest to think of these three aspects of life as three sides of a triangle. Much like the college life triangle—social life, good grades and sleep—but you only get to pick two out of the three sides most of the time. Fortunately, there is a delicious food out there that lets you have all sides of the pyramid we struggle to improve so often. The answer to this triangle of perfection is dark chocolate. Not only is it delicious, dark chocolate also has natural plant substances called flavanols that provide numerous health and beauty benefits.

But, there is a catch. The only chocolate that can deliver the health and beauty benefits is chocolate that has at least 70 percent cocoa. Unfortunately, this does not include the chocolate found in the candy store. Those chocolates are packed full of fats and sugars.

Have you ever been duped by the claims of health supplements,beauty products or gadgets?

The health benefit claims from the makers of these probiotic drinking yoghurts have been overwhelmingly dismissed by a team of scientists at the European Food Safety Authority. health-and-families/health-news/health-c

Diet foods and drinks are the strangest thing to me. A whole industry has built up around them.

I think it`s a way of people fooling themselves. They`ve shown time and time again, that a lot of the diet stuff has more preservatives and

I stick to the simple stuff.

Anything ''natural''

Slimming tablets,tanning tablets,moisturisers,exfoliators---if it has a chemical sounding ingredient I trust it.

But claim that something works because it contains essence of anything or the bark of something

Ideas for websites for my links page..?

I am creating a links page... and I'm looking for ideas. What is your favorite website? I'm looking for everything.. News, Health and Beauty sites, Networking, Blogs, Home buget and Organizing, online magazines and Newspapers, you name it! is one of my favorite websites.

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"Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure is one of my favorite websites.

Here's a phrase from there site,

"Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure

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Oklahoma Tornadoes photos and pictures: At least five dead Oklahoma tornadoes have left at least five people dead after severe storms spread throughout the state.