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    Simple traditional Chinese medical massage and self health care--Hemorrhoids
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Surgical centers presenting new options in health care

Fina said that using laparoscopes, colonoscopy and other minimally-invasive techniques, Elgin SurgiCare doctors line on such things as shoulders, knees, hemorrhoids, skin, the reproductive organs and the gastrointestinal area.

The 100 best viral, social and marketing videos from 2011

It feels like minority account but unlike when that movie was released and you couldn't see that far in the future you can surely see all of the things in this video happening pretty soon. The future is here. Hemorrhoids are not the easiest preoccupation to

Yo! Big Pharma rap song all in the name of patient education

Yo! Big Pharma rap song all in the name of patient education Who knew hemorrhoids could be so humorous? He's a rapping version of “Weird” Al Yankovic. But with a stethoscope. Take “Big Pharma,” a make a laughing-stock of of Notorious BIG's “Big Poppa,” a swipe at the pharmaceutical assiduity that was posted this week.

The DeanBeat: Our growing piles of video game shame

My Cuphead social storm lasted about eight days. During that time, gamers near and far criticized me for playing a demo of the upcoming video game Cuphead so poorly. I’m still absorbing the lessons of this hate-filled episode, where complete strangers by the thousands insulted me because I wasn’t qualified, in their eyes, to review video games. I can’t see what lies beyond the Cuphead video about “ my 26 minutes of shame .”

But a few lessons have crystalized for me.

I realized that playing games is therapeutic. While I was in the storm, I finished playing Knack 2 on the PlayStation 4. One line in Sony’s game resonated with me : “We all make mistakes. What matters is what you do next.” It felt good to play a game and demonstrate just enough skill to get through it, even as people were accusing me of the “game crime” of having no skills. Having failed at one game, I played another.

As I noted last week , I’m grateful so many friends and strangers came to my defense or lifted my spirits. They showed me kindness in a dark time. I’ll remember that. Maybe the news about hurricanes deflated my social media mess. But I’d like to think that the people who stood up for me and vouched for my dedication to games mitigated the hatred. Thank you for that, as it’s a personally risky thing to defend someone from a mob.