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    Best Organic Sitz Bath Soak For Natural Postpartum Care Recovery & Hemorrhoids Relief, 19in1 Extra Healing Safe At-home Treatment, Soothe Pain or Discomfort, Epsom & Dead Sea Salts Lavender Oil, 16oz
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    THENA Natural Wellness

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    • EFFECTIVE & SAFE PAIN RELIEVING THERAPY FOR POST-BIRTH: Carefully formulated to heal bruising around episiotomy stitches & tears formed during childbirth. The soothing formula provides relief to surrounding perineal muscles & speeds up recovery. New moms love it!
    • 19-in-1 LUXURIOUS ALL NATURAL SOOTHING SITZ BATH SOAK FOR EXTRA HEALING & FAST RELIEF: Uniquely formulated with both 100% epsom salts and 100% dead sea salts so you can get the best of both worlds for their exceptional healing power. Even better, our blend only uses the finest grain salts that dissolves extremely quickly, no need to strain, no hassle, all you have to do is soak, relax and get well!
    • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED POST-SURGICAL & AFTER-BIRTH TREATMENT: Gently cleanses & naturally relieves pain, discomfort, muscle cramps, itching & burning due to hemorrhoids, irritated stitches, constipation, anal fissures, bowel movements, piles & perineal tears. Rich in magnesium it lubricates the perineum in order to repair damaged tissue, thus helping in the prevention of infection post anorectal surgery or childbirth.
    • RELAXING AROMATHERAPY ENCOURAGES FAST HEALING: Spa-inspired organic lavender essential oil soothes and refreshes. This calming and comforting soaking solution relaxes the mind as it heals the body, enhances your sitz bath sitting with loads of amazing health benefits - improved heart health and circulation, body detox and stress relief.
    • BEST AT-HOME REMEDY TO TREAT GENITAL PAIN, INFLAMMATION & REDUCE SWELLING: Highest quality herbal ingredients work together to quickly reduce inflammation, providing the fast relief you need. They work long after a soaking to shrink hemorrhoids, soften damaged skin and neutralize odor.

    Natural Sitz Bath Soak for Hemorrhoids Relief & Postpartum Care : 32 oz, Lavender Oil Epsom Salt & Organic Coconut Oil Soothe Pain & Discomfort : Pregnancy Safe, Herbal Bath Salts: Onesta Company
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    Onesta Company

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    • Transport to tranquility; pain relief bath salts that bring the spa to you; luxurious herbal bath salt rejuvenates dry, itchy skin while reducing aches and pains; sleep better tonight with a lavender essential oil aromatherapy session; pregnancy safe bath product
    • Discover why thousands of customers buy Onesta Company's Sitz Bath SOAK; we guarantee you will love this pain bath soakt! 100% money back
    • Hemorrhoid soak soothes better than Epsom salt alone; organic coconut oil, lavender oil & sweet almond oil promote blood flow, ease pain symptoms, & protect damaged tissues in bottom area; safe for hemorrhoids relief, anal fissures, cysts and Bartholin abscess; anorectal surgery, hemorrhoidectomy, discomfort from bowel movements, & bacterial vaginosis
    • Perineum healing for tears & episiotomy relief after labor & childbirth; a great way to bounce back to your normal self; designed by moms, doctor recommended postpartum sitz bath natural speeds up recovery
    • Natural hemorrhoid treatment for fast relief; renowned for its antibacterial & antiseptic properties; sits bath soak relieves burning, swelling, bleeding, and itching in perineal area; gently clean and disinfect that hard to reach area without scrubbing; sit, relax and let the healing begin

Try home remedies to treat painful hemorrhoids

If the treatments I've discussed don't eschew, talk to your doctor. You may benefit from a simple outpatient procedure to play host to hemorrhoids. One procedure involves rubber rings tightened around the hemorrhoid. Other procedures, using lasers or infrared

From Help for Hemorrhoids - It's not easy to live with Hemorrhoids

Outside Hemorrhoids can be very painful and uncomfortable. The good news is that these types of Hemorrhoids can be treated with tolerant-to-use home remedies. Here are a few which one must know about: • Sitz Baths – Vexed Sitz Baths can relieve pain and

Discomforts of pregnancy can be minimized

Avoiding constipation may cede to you to sidestep hemorrhoids, but if you do develop this harmless — although often itchy and painful — prepare, you can try soaking in sitz baths with Epsom salts. Additionally, you can suffuse cotton pads with witch

60 seconds on anal itching

Itching that lasts for longer than a week should be assessed by a doctor. Your doctor may orchestrate for tests to look for causes that need treatment. For example, severe haemorrhoids might necessity to be removed.

Perianal hematoma: Causes, symptoms, and treatment of perianal thrombosis

Constipation: Leads to excessive straining when trying to pass hard stools. The back pressure that straining too hard causes may lead to blood vessel rupture in the perianal region. Lifting weights: Especially very heavy weights, as they often have to bear down when lifting a barbell over their heads. Forceful coughing: Can cause excessive force on the perianal region, leading to hematoma development. Surgery: Occurs due to direct trauma to the area. Invasive medical procedures: Medical equipment such as a proctoscopy, which is used to examine the anus and lower part of the rectum and can damage blood vessels lining the perianal area. Pregnancy Extending sitting periods Symptoms of perianal hematoma

The main symptom is pain and the sensation that there is something lumpy around the anus. Pain can range from mild to severe, usually in proportion to the amount of swelling present.

Sitz bath help with hemorrhoids??

Are sitz baths really all that helpful?
I've been readign contradicting information on the treatment of hemorrhoids lately. On the one hand, a lot of sources say that sitz baths are really helpful and they recommend doing them 2-4 times daily.

Don't strain, or sit on the potty for long periods, keep the area as clean and dry as possible. Fiber, prunes, help, lots of water. An anti-inflammatory, and preparation H, there are also, "wipes" that you leave on the area for a short time,

Fiber Fiber Fiber - try Konsyl. Oatmeal is a good source of fiber too.

Odd, but interesting information:
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If you have any pills for taking swelling of any kind down that helps a lot- and Preparation H

How do you apply ice for treatment of hemorrhoids (gross sorry!)?

I have suspected I've had IBS for over year. I've talked about this with my OB/GYN and I plan to see her again this coming week.

Anyway, I just had an upset stomach episode which is common with IBS. I had a lot of cramping, pain in the

I have the some problem. Best place to apply ice is whilst on the toilet after doing your "number 1".

with great pain

uh........put ice in a baggy and sit on it. just make sure you have some fabric between you and the ice. like a towel or your pants or underwear.