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type 2 diabetes health risks

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Glenn's Strategies for Well-Being: Statin Drugs and Diabetes

Glenn's Strategies for Well-Being: Statin Drugs and Diabetes When you are torment from diabetes, particularly the type 2 diabetes, you also run a potential risk of suffering from cardiac problems. Statins lend a hand in lowering the cholesterol levels and that brings up the relationship between statins and diabetes.

U.S. Diabetes Prevention Program Might Avert 885000 Cases

Findings from Zhuo's investigation are published in the January issue of Health Affairs, a thematic issue of the memoir looking at diabetes prevention programs. Almost 26 million Americans have type 2 diabetes, according to the CDC.

More Coffee, Less Type 2 Diabetes - Mystery Solved?

More Coffee, Less Type 2 Diabetes - Mystery Solved? Multiple studies show severe coffee drinkers have a lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, a disease on the escalating around the world that can lead to serious health problems. But why is this so? A collaborative of Chinese scientists led by Drs. Ling

Sugary soda ups risky fat deposits

Sugary soda ups risky fat deposits Such increases "are in most studies associated with an enhanced chance for developing the metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetescardiovascular diseases, and non-alcoholic liver diseases," Richelsen told Health by email.

Smoking Cigarettes: Smell in Clothes and Furniture Can Damage Brain, Liver

In as little as one month, THS exposure causes harm. Martins-Green and her colleagues took brain, liver, and blood samples at various intervals during the six-month study. At the one-month mark, the mice experienced a 50-percent increase in proteins that trigger inflammation in their blood and liver compared to the control group of mice not exposed to the fabrics. By month two, the mice had increased cell damage in the liver and brain. By month four, they were more susceptible to type 2 diabetes due to a 30-percent rise in fasting blood glucose levels and insulin.

"We found a positive time-dependent significant correlation with increased time of THS exposure and the effects it had on all the variables we measured," Martins-Green said.

The researchers note that the effects need to be further investigated in humans and exposure needs to be observed over a longer period of six months since humans mature slower than mice. However, the researchers concluded their study can "serve to educate the public on the dangers of THS, and the biomarkers we identified can be used in the clinic, once verified in exposed humans."

What health screenings are recommended for people with high risk Type 2 diabetes?

and why?

cbc,cmp, A1C and lipid panel and vitamin D level..........maybe thyroid panel............ask doc to order

1)You can do a urine dipstick test = if Glucose is high it will show up in the urine.
2)They must also do finger prick glucose test - hgt - if random >11

It is good to get a screen. Symptoms of DM 2 - Excessive urination, excessive

Hi, What are some possible ideas of what a government can do to decrease the risk of Diabetes, type 2? - Thanx

It is possible to prevent type 2 Diabetes, especially if it is not in one's genes. What are some responsobilities the government can take up to help. For example, so far I have: 1) More medical research 2) Preventive care covered by Health insurance.

the feds should gaurentee a decent , gaurenteed nutrional diet to every family on social assistance , or living below poverty level . you cannot be health being raised on sugar pops . schools should offer nutrional lunches at no cost . healthy food for

better school lunches, with carb watching. school fitness programs that monitor possible obesity factors. blood sugar testing free of charge for students on a schedule basis.

Definitely reducing the carbs in kids food. High sugar foods cause reactive hypoglycemia, which at very least causes weight gain possibly leading to diabetes later in life.