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Ontario election agenda: What you need to know for May 23

Devoted its entire hour Tuesday to examining the provincial parties’ ideas on health care. The program featured a debate with representatives from the Liberal, PC, NDP, and Green parties ; a  discussion of the parties’ various promises on health care with Dr. Doug Mandel of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute ; and a look at how preventive medicine can improve the quality of our health care system . Wind turbines and their effect on the local water supply are becoming election issues in Chatham–Kent , Mary Baxter reports. A group pushing the political parties to bring back passenger rail service in northeastern Ontario will be holding a series of “Rally for Rail” events in the campaign’s closing weeks . Writing about “unwelcome truths” regarding Ontario’s electricity sector , York University’s Mark Winfield argues that the Liberals’ performance on the energy file is underwhelming and that the other parties offer voters little better.

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