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    Diabetes Health Pack Nutritional Support for Diabetes and Pre-diabetes of 60 Packets (6 VITAMINS)
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    Nature Made®

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    Nature Made Daily Diabetes Health Pack - MegaSize Pack of 120 Packets Nature-pt
    Health and Beauty (Nature Made)

    Nature Made

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FDA Approves Sanofi's Toujeo

My grandmothers, the type 2 have struggled with their diabetes as long as I could remember. Later my mother followed in her mother’s footsteps. Sadly, my brother followed in my mother’s footsteps and experienced an early passing at the age of 53. My brother Jamal’s passing had the greatest impact on me. Probably because were the Irish twins; eleven months apart and his departure devastated me.

As I tell most people, diabetes is not a glamorous profession. Most people that work in the industry have a personal connection. This is why I am still here publishing after 26 years.

On the flip side of the coin, helping and inspiring people is my mission. I understand the daily challenges you face regardless of your education, IQ and economic circumstance. I am not a healthcare professional. Simply a lay person who has lived with a Type 1 and Type 2 family member who struggled with their disease. My former Type 1 husband was a role model in how to manage your diabetes, while my intelligent family members were role models on how an invisible disease can be misunderstood, devastating the quality of their life while leaving heart broken family members behind.

nature made diabetes health pack?

is it bad for the kidney?

i dont believe its bad for your kidneys BUT it doesnt do anyone any good except the manufacturer
that makes an obscene profit on something with no scientific evidence that it works.

Which "Nature made diabetes health pack" would this be, perchance?

How can I make my boyfriend care about his health?

I mean, he's gotten alot bigger than when we first met. I love him no matter what but I don't want him to have a heart attack or get diabetes (which is in his family, by the way). He eats alot of unhealthy food. Like he will fry a whole pack of bacon

Love, you cant make a man change one bit. trust me, im a man, and I know. There's nothing we hate more then someone trying to change us. Infact, if you do try, he might just increase his reckless behavior just to spite you. His actions seem to imply

That's what I'm also trying to figure out...

There are lots of ways to try and otivate him to start exercising for one you can join him in it and make it a partner activity. You can tell him the risks of it and show him movies and other similar things to motivate him to loose wait. He sounds dear