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How to improve black Americans’ health [Opinion]

Health disparities between black Americans and other groups have been well documented: diabetes, high-blood pressure, obesity and HIV. But there is a systematic way to close the historic gap in black health outcomes that stretch beyond the physician’s front door.

Last month, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services called attention to those disparities with the goal of bringing awareness and actionable steps toward improvement. And to address those disparities, the root causes need to be diagnosed and treated.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, blacks in America have a 77 percent higher risk of diagnosed diabetes than whites, and the highest rates of obesity and HIV diagnoses. In Harris County, 49 percent of those living with HIV are black, and both cancer and diabetes mortality rates are highest among blacks.

Why the disparity? Lower income may seem like the obvious culprit, but disparities exist for higher-income black Americans as well. In fact, black American women have the highest rate of maternal mortality across all income brackets. The cause of these disparities is multifactorial, and inequities are often a root cause.

Ideas about Race and Health?

I'm trying to think of a good essay topic on the relationship between health and race - but the stance I need to take is that it's not RACE that causes health disparities, but rather social and environmental implications caused by being categorized as

but race does have a big part of it~ie;african americans high blood pressure & cholesterol~native americans alcoholism♦

So you mean.. The implications of poor socioeconomic conditions of racial minorities and related health disadvantages?

Please help me! Proofread my paper (quicky)?

“Unnatural Causes” is a documentary that purports to bring attention to health disparities that exist in the United States of America. The United States government fails to provide tax-paying citizens with a fair and equal distribution of health

Hi Jatice ~

Well done and to the point. This is good, muscular prose, making a strong point in a straight-ahead way.

“Unnatural Causes” is a documentary that (OMIT "purports to") bringS attention to health

you do not need to fix anything it is perfect the way it is.

Here are some corrections:

The reality of health disparities translateS into race and class-specific afflictions. Research studies show that African-Americans suffer higher rateS of chronic disease than Whites. African-AmericanS die earlier,