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2011 Year In Review

2011 Year In Review Health reverend Xavier Bertrand is now pushing through a radical reform of the French medical regulatory system, after an ceremonious report showed that Servier's diabetes drug had caused up to 2000 deaths from basic nature disease. Bertrand has also stated that

Local hospital exec digs into infant mortality gaps

A programme from the task force is due in 2013 with ideas for policy changes and other strategies to restrict premature births and infant deaths. Part of the focus will be on increasing access and coverage for assumption care — health concerns

Businesses sought for 'Biggest Loser' challenge

Karen Berry, in any case organizer and co-founder of the Great Big Home and Leisure Show, held twice a year in Charles County, already plans to husband with Beauchamp in organizing a health fair, tentatively scheduled for either the last week in February or

Year in Review: First half of 2011

In totting up, patients gain access to foot care, weight trouncing debits programs, diabetes education, basic nurse care and lab work, along with computer access to VA programs. The clinic doesn't proposal specialty, surgical or emergency or urgent care services.

Teenage Whiz Kid Invents an AI System to Diagnose Her Grandfather's Eye Disease

Together over breakfast. But she didn’t get hooked on computers until she attended a programming workshop run by the National Center for Women and Information Technology. “I went home and taught myself Java, HTML, Python, C,” she says. “My mom had to tear me away from the computer. I’d forget to eat.”

In high school, she took classes on computer science, then computer vision, then artificial intelligence—but she was troubled to realized that in each class, she was one of only a few girls. She resolved to start an organization to empower girls to pursue computer science. “I don’t think the problem is a lack of passion,” she says. “It’s more ‘I don’t feel like I’m good enough.’” She founded the Girls Computing League , wooed sponsors such as Amazon Web Services and the president of Harvey Mudd College, and now puts on coding workshops for underprivileged kids.

Eyeagnosis began as most endeavors do these days. “I googled a lot,” Kopparapu says. She also sent a lot of emails—to ophthalmologists, computational pathologists, biochemists, epidemiologists, neuroscientists, physicists, and experts in machine learning. Then she put together a plan.

Celeb health fair ideas?

I am in grade 7 and my grade is doing a health fair. We have to picka disability or illness that a celeb has. I was thinking of doing diabetes and how it may not be life treatening but its tough to live with. For my celeb I was thinking of doing Nick

I think doing Nick would be a fantastic idea! I really don't know any other celebs with a disability, so Nick would be fantastic!! Putting his speech there would be great too!!

hmm. actually, it can be life threatening...

(and I can't resist...) who is nick jonas?.....

(hey, I'm 52. If I knew who he was, THAT would be weird...)


What is the probability of this occurring given this?

Please help and show work if possible! Thanks!

Find the conditional probability of the indicated event when two fair dice (one red and one green) are rolled. HINT [See Example 1.]
The sum is 3, given that the green one is either

You can post it in the Mathematics section for more answers

1. 1/6

2. (2/12)*(1/11) = 1/66

3. 0.5^11 = 1/2048

4. 0.52 / 0.83 = 0.6265

And that's all i feel like doing for now.