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    Sanutra Blood Sugar Health Support Formula
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    America's Finest Inc.

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    Price: $29.99

    • Helps to maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range
    • Sanutra's Blood Sugar Health Support Formula
    • Manufactured in the USA at a NSF GMP Facility

    CHROMIUM PICOLINATE Supplements 200 mg for Weight Loss Management, Carb Metabolism - Non GMO Pills From Ultra Pure Source - 100 tablets
    Health and Beauty (Weight Loss Development)

    Weight Loss Development

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    Price: $28.99
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    • HIGHEST LEVEL PURITY - Our ultra-pure non-GMO Chromium Picolinate is proudly made in a state-of-the-art GMP-compliant USA facility. Your satisfaction is our priority. We are so confident you'll love our product that it will become your trusted source of chromium.
    • EXTRA ADDED WEIGHT MANAGEMENT EBOOK Enjoy our complimentary guide eBook as our way of saying thanks for trying our Chromium Picolinate. The eBook is packed with plans, tips and inspiration to help you achieve your fitness and weight management goals.
    • REDUCE SUGAR CRAVINGS Metabolic support for healthy blood sugar and blood glucose levels, tames an overactive appetite and promotes healthier weight by stimulating carbohydrate metabolism and reducing sugar cravings, assists fat reduction along with diet and exercise.
    • NATURAL SUPPORT FOR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT - Scientifically proven to be vital in glucose, lipid and fat metabolizing, promoted in medical literature for stimulating natural weight reduction and improving insulin utilization to regulate blood glucose and blood sugar control.
    • POSITIVELY HEART HEALTHY - Taking this research-based form of the essential trace mineral chromium daily for 6-12 weeks may decrease "bad cholesterol" levels and for an additional 7-16 months may reduce triglycerides and increase "good cholesterol" levels, repairs muscle tissue.

Cardiovascular Nutritional Supplements

Before recommending any cardiovascular supplements, patients, especially those taking medications for other conditions, should consult with their primary health care provider to establish the appropriateness of using these supplements to avoid potential contraindications or drug interactions (Online Table 2). In addition, patients should be advised that these supplements should not be used as a replacement for prescription antihyperlipidemic agents or other cardiovascular medications. Patients at risk for hyperlipidemia or those with risk factors for CVD should be encouraged to consult their primary health care provider for medical evaluation and treatment. During counseling, patients should be reminded that eating a healthy, balanced diet and establishing lifestyle habits, such as exercising routinely, maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking, and limiting the use of alcohol, are some of the best defenses against CVD. Patients should be encouraged to take a proactive role in their