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Good vibes and healthy food in Waimea

Garren decided to have one glass of freshly made juice a day and felt remarkably better after one week. In 2011, he went off his medicine, bought a juicer and began drinking fresh-made juice all the time.

“I did a lot of research because I felt like the medication was poison in my body,” explains the 28-year-old who was born and raised in Hanapepe. “As soon as I started juicing my energy increased, my mind got clear and my attitude got better.”

When Garren returned to Kauai, he was driven to help his community. His cousin and mentor, Kauhi Sarmiento, (owner of Rambla Clothing Co.) as well as Garren’s father and his sister, Georgie, built-out the small shop.

Inside G’s Juicebar, which is located in Waimea town just behind L&L Barbecue, hand-painted murals burst with color. Vibrant chalkboards list smoothies, acaí bowls and juice blends. Garren tells me that while students from Waimea High School wait for their order, they read posted signs that explain the benefits of consuming foods such as dates, bananas and kale.

Feed your head : Protecting our aging brains with diet

And is at the forefront of growing evidence showing that dementia can be deterred or even prevented by eating the right foods and living well.

Like drugs, food is made up of chemicals. As with medicine, everything we eat has an effect — good or bad — on the brain as well as the body. Certain foods can minimize damage to neurons and preserve a healthy mind as you age.

Better biology

Now, we could go into a long explanation of the chemicals and elements at work here, the sort of lecture that put you to sleep in high school biology class.

But all you really need to know is that some of the molecules left behind after we metabolize what we eat — and even just breathe — can be harmful. You may have even heard of them, “free radicals.” You may even wonder who let them loose.

It doesn’t matter. If we take care of our bodies, they can usually do a good job of protecting our cells from these invaders.

Still, aging and simple daily living can weaken our natural defenses against free radicals. So our cells, including neurons, may become more vulnerable as we get older.

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