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    Curcumin: The 21st Century Cure: Prevent and Reverse: cancer, depression and dementia, digestive disorders, diabetes, pain and arthritis, heart disease and moree
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    Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Supplement for Healthy Blood Sugar Levels, Joint Support, Brain Function and Cardiovascular & Digestive Systems. Effective Anti Inflammatory & Antioxidant True Cinnamon
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    • PURE AND ORGANIC: Unlike other brands in the market, this cinnamon capsule is 100% organic with no rice flour and no magnesium stearate. It contains pure Ceylon cinnamon, known as the true cinnamon, which comes from the inner bark of a Sri Lankan evergreen tree. This unique advanced formula offers many more health benefits than the commonly used cassia cinnamon.
    • SAFE AND GENTLE INGREDIENT FORMULATION - This dietary supplement is formulated with only the safest and most gentle ingredients. It is 100% all natural, with no hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, soy, yeast, sugar, GMO, gluten, or dairy.
    • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS: Ceylon Cinnamon is packed with powerful antioxidants that help reduce free radical damage and fight signs of aging. These vegetarian capsules boost one's overall health by enhancing the body's antioxidant capabilities. They also promote optimal digestive health and support the reduction of inflammation in the body.
    • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Look and feel your best or your money back!
    • PROMOTES HEART AND BRAIN HEALTH: Vimerson Health Organic Ceylon Cinnamon helps promote cardiovascular health. It aids in reducing cholesterol levels and supports well-balanced blood pressure and blood sugar levels in the body. Ceylon Cinnamon also supports healthy brain function through its neuro-protective proteins that shield brain cells from mutation and damage.

Are YOU in pain? Doctor reveals what you EAT really can reduce inflammation

Are YOU in pain? Doctor reveals what you EAT really can reduce inflammation “To truly gain the benefits of curcumin you need to take a supplement that is bioavailable try Healthspan's new Opti-Turmeric 500mg where tests have shown that capsules are up to 185 times better absorbed and 7 times faster-acting than standard

Doctor's Tip: Herbs and spices and amazing turmeric

Doctor's Tip: Herbs and spices and amazing turmeric Just as vegetables with intense colors (e.g. berries, greens, red onions, red cabbage) have more health-promoting antioxidants, so do intensely flavorful herbs and spices. Next week I will Turmeric has been shown to help prevent prediabetes from

Combat Heartburn With This Herbal Remedy

Combat Heartburn With This Herbal Remedy Well, according to the United States National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), 20 percent of Americans have been diagnosed with GERD, gastroesophageal reflux disease. This causes stomach acid to rise Based on past

Super spices: Turmeric, saffron and more spices your health needs you to eat more of

Super spices: Turmeric, saffron and more spices your health needs you to eat more of Lily Soutter, nutritionist and weight loss expert, explains: “This bright yellow spice is best known for its potent anti-inflammatory benefits. It is the curcumin within turmeric which has been used to treat inflammatory conditions like arthritis, as

5 reasons why you must include 'haldi' in your diet

5 reasons why you must include 'haldi' in your diet However, there are countless health benefits associated with the usage and consumption of this spice. Bursting with natural flavour, A study conducted in 2012 offered ground-breaking results in proving that turmeric delays diabetes. Research

Functional foods: Making the most of your food choices

Functional foods exert their health-promoting properties through many properties that occur naturally in the whole food source. One example of a functional food is oatmeal. Oatmeal has been shown to improve cholesterol levels, an important improvement for reducing risk for heart disease. The soluble fiber in oatmeal is the functional property associated with lowering cholesterol. This health claim has been approved by the FDA and can appear on food labels for foods that contain good sources of soluble fiber from oat bran. This is just one example of many types of functional foods available to consumers today.

If you perform a search on Google you will find that functional foods are indeed popular search words for Internet users. Examples of popular functional foods trending on Google in 2016 include: turmeric, apple cider vinegar, jackfruit, manuka honey, kefir, coconut milk, bone broth, cauliflower, rice, avocado oil bitter melon, arrowroot powder, cumin seeds, cardamom, ground ginger. While many of these foods have health-promoting properties and are safe, consuming them in excess or with certain medications could produce adverse effects.