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    OST - C20 Vitamin Sleep 9 to 5 Crema - Best night-time Moisturizer with Vitamin C, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil for man and woman - Face Cream for dry / sensitive / oily / normal skin - Night Care
    Beauty (OST)


    List Price: $43.99
    Price: $43.99

    • Get glowing, brighter, more even toned skin with C20 Vitamin Sleep 9 to 5 Crema, the ultimate vitamin c cream for night
    • Perfect for all skin type
    • Provides moisture and nutritions of skin
    • Contens: 50 ml
    • Brings vitality back to your damaged skin cell layer

    The Saem - Iceland Hydrating Eye Stick - Containing Iceland mineral water for cooling and refreshing eye - Eye´s Cream Stick for dry skin - Eye Area - Eye Cream for men and woman - Facial Care
    Beauty (The Saem)

    The Saem

    List Price: $21.99
    Price: $21.99

    • Perfect for all skin types
    • Containing Iceland mineral water for cooling and refreshing eye area
    • contens: 8 g
    • The Saem Iceland micro hydrating eye stick features hydrating cooling formula
    • Benefits: Moisturizing + Wrinkle improvement + Whitening

"TOO MUCH HORROR BUSINESS": Kirk Hammett on his Monstrous Tome

It slacked off in the late 70s. Babe boomers were busy shaking their booties at discos and putting quarters into video feign machines. I'd also moved on. I started playing guitar at 15, and music was my primitive focus. But once I had some disposable

50-50 chance: Amy Eissler undergoes genetic tests for science, her family and ...

50-50 chance: Amy Eissler undergoes genetic tests for science, her family and ... But as such diagnostic tools as capacity imaging improved and the family health history clarified, the Eisslers came to think their late relatives suffered, instead, from FTD, as Mark and four of his five siblings did. ABOUT THIS SERIES WOODBURN

Fighting the hands of time - Expert shares anti-aging beauty secrets

Fighting the hands of time - Expert shares anti-aging beauty secrets After those light-hearted 20s, you've been pretty good to your skin in your 30s. Religiously Time to call in an expert - Rebecca Treston, skincare and laser adept at EuroMed Clinic, Dubai. “That's the trouble “It's never too late to take a turn for the better

Mom, I don't want to wear that silly bike helmet

In experience, I rode fast and furiously with wind pulsing through my hair redress into my late 20s. But then, as my It hurts to take a shower with skin so beat up. But that is all. IF USAT had not insisted on helmets, I would today be a sub insightful care

The Beauty Industry Has a Gen X Problem

Was relaunched as an online lifestyle site… for millennials.)

I took an unscientific poll of 10 Gen X friends to ask them how they buy beauty and perceive beauty marketing. "I do think that companies can try to appeal more to middle-of-the-road customers like me," says Kelly, 42. "For makeup and skincare, they’re either trying to reach a super-young audience or a seemingly older audience that I’m really hoping I don’t fit into just yet!"

Across the board, they all said they rarely go to department stores to shop for beauty products, generally don’t read magazines unless they’re at the nail salon, and, while they are selectively loyal to certain brands ( Bobbi Brown and  Olay were name-checked by several), they tend to brand-hop.

"I have no brand loyalty because I have no favorites," says Mary, 45. "In my ideal world, there would be an experienced, knowledgeable, neutral party that could evaluate me and recommend products without pushing one brand or line. I know that Sephora-type places are supposed to do that, but I haven't had positive experiences. It seems like the salespeople are usually young and don't understand 40-year-old skin."

Best skin care line for someone in their late 20s wanting to keep youthful appearance as long as possible?

I've never used any skin care line set except for a Mary Kay one that I got as a Christmas gift once. It made me break out on my checks and nose and I hardly ever break out at all, so I quit using it and wound up giving it away to my Mom since none of

lol!! I hear this all the time. What skin care line can I use to keep a youthful appearance? It's funny because people will spend hundreds of dollars a year on this...well the answer is simple and it only cost about 5 US bucks.........and it is....drum

Dermalogica. It's a professional line used in spas and by dermatologists. These types of lines are full of great ingredients, and it makes them a little more expensive. The typical drug store brands use cheaper fillers and oils that make your skin feel

face massage is d best try it.

Oily Skin... Advice on product & care?

I use to have very normal, flawless and supple skin during teen years and early 20s. Lately, as im reaching late 20s, my skin turn oily and dull. currently i'm using neutrogena range for oily skin. is there any better skin care out there? and why do my

When we get older our pores tend to get larger. The larger the pores the more they let out oil. You need to exfoliate and use a pore refining mask. Mask cleanses deep inside your pore and making them smaller. You have to get the right formula and the

Try apricot scrub it works..

Mary Kay Cosmetics has a number of products. Mary Kay is ranked number one in skin care. Skin changes with age. I recommend contacting a Mary Kay consultant near you. Look one up at