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Zero-flex Hair Care System

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H5 Architecture is the foundation of all flow products which combines five unique technologies within each product. 

The secret of flow’s H5 Architecture dynamic technology system is Hyaline Water, which is naturally-­sourced and pharmaceutically purified by flow. The crystalline purity of Hyaline Water eliminates the need for unnecessary ingredients that are typically required to offset the effects of less pure water alternatives. These additives can weigh hair down, decrease performance and dilute the delivery of key ingredients to the hair.

Hyaline Water, on the other hand, ensures the maximum benefit of each ingredient used by flow is delivered directly to the hair and scalp, providing concentrated treatment and exponentially increasing performance.  

H5 Architecture doesn’t stop at Hyaline Water. H5 Architecture’s four Precision Infusion Technologies work synergistically and are tailored to enhance each product’s effectiveness. Together, they incorporate 14 key ingredients derived from Natural Plant Extracts, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins and Abyssinian Oil, to replenish moisture, restore balance and resilience, protect color and inhibit UV fading, optimize scalp health and control frizz.