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Zero-flex Hair Care System

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    Zero-Flex Hair Care System - A Safe and Comfortable Portable Salon Basin Shampoo Sink with Drain
    Health and Beauty (Zero-Flex)


    Price: $199.99

    • Easily accommodates your existing chairs, shampoo bowls and backwash stations.
    • Perfect for individuals with a cast, wheelchair, limited mobility, or limited range of motion.

    Jonathan Product Hydracurls Styling Gel Creme - 5.1 oz
    Beauty (Jonathan Product)

    Jonathan Product

    List Price: $13.00
    Price: $13.99

Review: Streacom FC 10 Alpha

C an you hear something? It’s a... little fan, or something. Buzzing. Humming. You can hear it. It’s getting inside your head, making you crazy. You need this PC to be silent, properly silent. You need Streacom.

More specifically you need the FC10 Alpha, a true silent case that rivals the best Lian-Li has to offer in terms of impeccable build-quality.

Made entirely of thick-gauge aluminium with a luxurious black (or silver) anodised coating, every edge is beautifully crisp, every counter-sunk screw aligns precisely with the surface, and even the power switch has just the right amount of satisfying “click”.

You pay for all this of course. The FC10 is $450, there’s no getting around it, and that’s hefty sticker shock in a world where an $89 steel ATX case will get you up and running. But we think it’s worth the cash - for the right build.

Assembling your PC inside the FC10 is... difficult. Everything fits just right, and that means there is NO room for, say, your hand while you’re slotting in the motherboard. And while the fanless CPU cooler is an engineering triumph, it will also challenge your dexterity with a screwdriver.