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Murphy camp 'considering all legal options' after latest West attack ad

Nope, Patrick Murphy insinuated that West is advocating for the annihilation of women, children and soldiers by voting against stem cell research, he cries indecent when allegations are leveled against him. The problem with liberals, they like to be the only one

The Mitt Romney Who Might Have Been

With recognizable amusement, David Bowen, a senior staff member for Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who played a key r in the effort, added, “Everyone thought at the time that Romney's prosperity in forging a bipartisan compromise on health care was

Coming to grips with the “Big C”

(U.S. Metrist Laureate Donald Hall wrote an entire book of poems, titled “Without”, about his sample taking care of his wife, the poet Jane Kenyon, as she was dying of leukemia. And so, this difficulty became a personal journey for me, as well, and the

Endometriosis and Diet: What You Can Do About It

Phytoestrogens are estrogen-like chemicals found in plants.

Soybeans and soy products are the greatest dietary source, but phytoestrogens are also found in flax seeds, oats, fruits, herbs, and other foods.

A certain kind of phytoestrogen (called genistein) that’s found in soy products has been said to help convert testosterone into estrogen. Since endometriosis is estrogen-dependent, some have questioned whether soy should be avoided ( 34 ).

Few studies have directly examined the relationship between soy and endometriosis, but limited data indicate it’s neutral, and potentially even helpful.

In one study, women with higher concentrations of soy isoflavones in the urine were less likely to develop advanced endometriosis. This suggests that soy may help protect against the disease ( 35 ).

A 2017 study of 495 premenopausal women also found no link between a high soy intake or high urinary phytoestrogens and increased risk of endometriosis ( 33 ).