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The Le Mieux Skin Perfecter Is Perfect for At-Home Extractions

As someone who’s both very sensitive-skinned and very lazy, I don’t often find myself drawn to new skin-care gadgets, so I’m not sure what aberration of the brain made me want to try the Le Mieux Skin Perfecter ($225) when I find even the Clarisonic too abrasive and time-consuming. And yet somehow I found myself hovering over the bathroom sink with the “4-in-1 beauty tool” in one hand and the instruction booklet in the other, faucet running, seriously doubting my reading comprehension skills.

To be fair, the Skin Perfecter is not difficult to use, but I wanted to be absolutely sure I wasn’t going to scrape my epidermis off in the process. There’s a decently sharp edge on the device’s stainless-steel “spatula,” which is intended to operate at 28,000 low-frequency ultrasonic vibrations per second to “tone” and “stimulate” the skin. You can also flip the spatula over so that it’s flat against the face to utilize the ultrasonic waves as a means of “accelerating the absorption” of serums, gels, and other water-based treatments post-cleansing.