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Personal Care Age Defying Skin Cream

NYSCC Suppliers Day showcases latest in cosmetic technology

. The microbiome is the biofilm for the microbial layer and is the body’s first protection.

In fact, babies begin to acquire their microbiome at birth. All parts of this microbial community need to keep each other in balance to be healthy and strong.

What’s come to light is that our microbiome changes through life even as we encounter people and different environments, and through aging.

An unbalanced skin microbiome leads to higher sensitivity, skin disorder, barrier disruption, and eventually, premature aging. Cosmetic products therefore need to respect the microbial balance and support this microbial barrier.

Gobiotics, featured for the first time at Suppliers Day, launched with a collection of natural plant ingredients, the preBiulin Serie. The product is derived from chicory and agave, with beneficial prebiotic power proven through IN-VIVO and clinical tests.

Benefits of personal care products with prebiotics :