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    Full Lace Dania Wig (Synthetic Hair by Black Pearl) Color 4
    Beauty (Janet Collection)

    Janet Collection

    List Price: $24.99
    Price: $24.99

    • Made of Premium Heat Resistant Fiber
    • Lenght: approximately 20"
    • Style: coarse texture, no bang.
    • Color displayed on model: FS4/30

    Dania Silver Clear Ivory Bridal Ribbon Headband

    List Price: $82.45
    Price: $82.45

    • Ivory ribbon
    • Elegant & simple
    • Crystals

There's A Population Of Wild Monkeys Living In Dania Beach

Williams stops a second, her head cocked up to the trees above us. It’s dark here, almost requiring a flashlight, even though the morning sky through the trees is a shimmering blue. Mangrove roots snap like chopsticks.

“Did you hear something?” asks her research assistant, Cheryl Ruiz, an equally impressive swamp explorer.

“I’m not sure,” Williams says, “but they may be watching us.”

We stop a minute to listen. Above us, in silence, may be an entire troop of monkeys. The wild monkeys of Dania are like that: if they don’t want to be found, they fade into shadows draped everywhere by the snaking canopy. 

We pass through another thicket of mangrove limbs and rope vines and come upon a pond. It’s hard to tell from the ooze floating on top whether it’s a couple inches or chest deep. Williams steps in, sinking to her knees. The mud pulls at her boots. Once, she had a research assistant lose both shoes down in the muck. It took the better part of an hour to dig them out, everyone ending up head-to-toe in swamp mud. We watch a tar-black snake slither across the top of the water, right where we’re eventually stepping.