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Jordan: Open for business: Syrian refugee brings a strand of normal life to women living in the Azraq Camp

By Dania Mousa

The idea feels magnificently ordinary – even mundane. It is something that we see and experience almost every day. But for women living inside refugee camps, it is a reminder of what life back home used to be like.

Eedah was a young woman when she leapt the chance to train as a hairdresser back in Syria, hoping to one day open her own hair salon. She says that even though she did not get the chance to open a salon back home due to her financial situation, she did make one of her dreams come true when she married the love of her life after 6 years of facing opposition from both families.

Eedah, now 33 years old, had three children and was pregnant with her fourth when she arrived in Jordan to escape the war. “We were never one of the lucky ones who found jobs inside the camp, aid was our only hope”, she said.

Shortly after settling in the camp, Eedah was faced with the sudden, unanticipated death of her husband, leaving her with four children to raise and care for without a source of income. “Ever since we arrived here in the camp, my job was to only cook, clean and look after my children. But I suddenly had to become a mother, a father, a caretaker and a teacher to my children, and amid all the challenges, I still needed to grieve”, she added.