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Skin care with flower: beauty tips from experts

Apart from their appealing scent, flowers are packed with great skin benefits. Florals and their extracts have long been used as a way to heal common beauty ailments. While Criste mariane stem cells help in anti-ageing, lavender is anti-inflammatory and relaxing for the muscles, say experts.

Shikhee Agrawal, head trainer at The Body Shop India, Amit Sarda, managing director at Soulflower, and Bindiya Gupta, beauty expert at Organic Harvest, have listed the power of flowers:

* From skincare to makeup to bodycare, the benefits of flowers can be found in Moringa, Britsh rose, Chamomile, Sunflower, Lavender, Jasmine, Rose, Criste mariane.

The plant stem cells have been reputed to be a revolutionary anti-agent ingredient. It is found in Criste mariane stem cells that have essence of youth that happens to delay ageing.

* Found in the purest forms of scrubs, masks, toners and face washes, these leave the skin exfoliated and gleamingly smooth. Flower essence such as lemongrass and lavender are the legendry ones.