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Two Surveys Raise Questions about Willingness of Consumers to Pay Pathology ...

Two Surveys Raise Questions about Willingness of Consumers to Pay Pathology ... put forward, recently surpassing HMOs. This was a finding in the survey conducted consultants Aon Hewitt, of Lincolnshire, Illinois. The dispatch on Aon's survey of nearly 2,000 U.S. employers showed that 58% offered CDHPs last year, compared to by a hair's breadth

BJC Medical Group Joins Essence Healthcare Provider Network

coordination and personal assignment. Essence's Medicare Advantage HMOs bundle sanitarium, medical and prescription drug coverage together into one plan with one affordable monthly incitement, and include additional benefits not covered under the Original

Malwarebytes sees signs of possible Trojan-based blackmail

One potential explanation for the rise in Trojans is that instead of the ransomware approach of denying an individual access to their files, criminals are instead looking at threatening to make private information, public — “We’ve got your browsing history here – do you want me to publish it?”

“It’s not an automated process; there’s an element of human interaction,” Cook said. “We believe that’s something we’re going to see more of – because if they can’t hold it to ransom they can still steal it and use it.”

Cook said one alternative to ransomware that has become increasingly popular is malware-driven cryptomining —using a host machine to quietly mine Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency.

“We’re seeing a really sharp rise in that – and I think it will be round for a while because it doesn’t have a ‘direct’ effect on the end user,” Cook said. “There’s the opportunity to make billions of dollars just by stealing the CPU cycles and electricity off people.”