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Does Kronos Hair Care Work

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    Peter Coppola Just Blow Heat Protectant Spray For Hair (6oz) Reduces Blow Dry Time, Heat Protector Thermal Blowout Spray, Anti Frizz Keratin Treatment Finish That Smoothes & Straightens All Hair Types
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    Peter Coppola

    List Price: $24.00
    Price: $24.00

    • Beautiful Natural Shine: Increase the luster of your style by closing the hair cuticle with this heat activated shine enhancing formula. Reflective shine helps to make your color appear fresher and more vibrant.
    • Reduce Volume: Just Blow helps to reduce the volume of your hair with its natural conditioning formula. Apply from roots to ends and allow it to deeply penetrate the hair shaft to add moisture and bounce to the hair while reducing overall size and frizz.
    • Smooth And Straighten Hair: This formula assists in relaxing and making hair much easier to smooth and straighten with less heat. Get a flawless silky, smooth look with less heat and less damage. Perfect for daily use.
    • Instant Heat Protectant: Simply spray in before you dry to protect your color and hair health from the heat of your morning blow out. Make this non-aerosol spray a part of your daily style routine to maintain hair health if you blow dry frequently. This a professional grade thermal protectant.
    • Reduce Blow Dry Time: Reduce the amount of time it takes to blow dry hair up to 50% with Peter Coppola's Just Blow. Spray into damp hair and comb through. Blow dry with brush

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Do Kronos Hair Care products work on ethnic hair?

I've read many reviews on how well Kronos works, however I'm African-American and want to know if it will work on my type of hair. It is very curly and I use heat (blow drying and flat irons) a lot because I do not have a relaxer. Will this product

Not familiar with that brand.

Go to Afro-Amer website. They have tons of tips suggestion etc. just as long as you don't buy propagandas that promises this or that for your hair.

You'll get more there than what you'd find

Not familiar with that brand.

Go to Afro-Amer website. They have tons of tips suggestion etc. just as long as you don't buy propagandas that promises this or that for your hair.

You'll get more there than what you'd find

Does Kronos hair care work?

I have very fine and brittle hair, and it takes forever to grow. I maintain a healthy diet and exercise, but it seems that doesn't help my hair. I was wondering if this new product Kronos would be beneficial to my hair, and it not, how do get fine hair

YAY I was looking to see if anyone had asked about kronos because I just received mine in the mail 4 days ago and I already feel the difference! My hair is softer, more full and it just looks amazing!! The only bad thing is this stuff is WAY expensive,

YES! buy it, seriously. it worked so well in my hair.

Yes, it does. I decided to buy it for my wife as a gift after reading about it on the site below. She absolutely loves it. The best gift I could have given her.