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WWII anniversary stirs up past for US soldier's lost wartime son

Mr Russo, who was the editor of a magazine called Veterans of Foreign Wars, lived two states away from Mr Morisette's father.

"I was lucky enough that Nick knew my dad personally [so he] got a hold of my letter, rang my dad and [we connected]," he said.

Three months later Mr Morisette received a call from his wife while he was at work.

"My wife rang up and said, 'There's a letter here from the US. You'd better come home'," he said.

How did he feel when he opened that letter and read it?

"About as emotional as I feel now," he said.

"It had been pretty hard after going through a lot of years … to actually know that he was alive."

Young couple split apart by distance and circumstance

Warren Morisette was with the 41st Infantry Division in Rockhampton when he was called up to New Guinea before his son was born.

He had an accident, falling off a fence and damaging his arm badly, and was sent back to the US for an operation.