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Three days in the Australian Army was filthy, sweaty and freezing

She already knew the answer was a laughable no.

Under my desk was a backpack and a $40 sleeping bag I’d frantically bought at Kmart with a label that promised to keep me warm even when the mercury dropped to zero.

That was June 18 and a few days after my editors had told me I was shipping off to join the Australian Army in a fake war, a $15 million two-week exercise staged in the Queensland bush.

Exercise Hamel is the army’s biggest event of the year, designed to evaluate the war fighting skills of a brigade.

It’s two weeks of all-out war — even the Kiwis, Brits and Americans fly over to put the brigade through its paces.

This year, more than 9000 men and women descended on the central Queensland town of Rockhampton to put Brisbane’s 7th Brigade to the test — a test I was going to witness.

“This isn’t going to be a holiday,” the Australian Army public affairs officer told me. “It’s probably going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done.”