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    Fading Angel: A Chronicle of Love
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    List Price: $14.95

    WALLER PAA 5 in 1 Electric Bath Spin SPA Massage Shower Brush Cleaning System Long-handle X
    Health and Beauty (WALLER PAA 5 in 1 Electric Bath Spin SPA Massage Shower Brush Cleaning System Long-handle X)

    WALLER PAA 5 in 1 Electric Bath Spin SPA Massage Shower Brush Cleaning System Long-handle X

    List Price: $45.79
    Price: $45.79

    • Description 1. Designed to leave your body relaxed and your skin soft and rejuvenated 2. This spin cleansing system technology system cleans better than vibration and it removes dirt, oil 3. Unique comfort bristles and massage function
    • The bath brush: a gentle and effective cleaning, not to hurt the soft skin. Long-handled design Massage Head: Use for a gentle cleaning and soothe away aches and pains
    • Package include 1x Shower Brush Note: 1.Colors may be a little different due to different monitors. 2.Our products were made without logo.
    • 4. 4 attachments included: Cleansing head, Massage head, Pumice, Mesh Sponge, Cleansing Head: deep clean and gently remove aging skin, activating the skin.
    • brush Central contains a rubbing stone feet. Use for making rough skin smooth. Also play a massage of the foot points, accelerate the microcirculation, regulate blood pressure, relieve fatigue, promote human metabolism

Births suspended at maternity unit over 'working practices' fears

The element will remain staffed and open during the day to provide women and their families with antenatal second, breast feeding advice and support, baby hearing tests and postnatal care. In the biography year, 33 babies have been born at the unit As

MP calls for 'dreadful institution' CCG to be closed down as fight continues to save hospital

Ms Prentis said: "I think the CCG is a dreadful institution that needs to be closed.

"We understand that there are challenges and we do not want to be seen as the enemy of the CCG, but they fail to engage and listen to our suggestions."

Her comments come a year after maternity services at the Horton General Hospital in Banbury were 'temporarily downgraded' to a midwife-led unit (MLU) due to problems with recruitment, meaning women who experience difficulty during childbirth need to travel to Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital .

But in August, as part of the first phase of its 'transformation plan', CCG board members decided to make the downgrade permanent, angering many and raising concerns about the long-term future of the Banbury Hospital.

The CCG is currently reviewing all services as part of the plan which aims to address a changing population to avoid a £134m budget black hole in 2020.

A number of hospital beds have been cut across Oxfordshire while stroke services are being centralised at the John Radcliffe. The second phase of this plan could see community hospitals and primary care put under closer scrutiny.