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Fight against privatisation of scanner service continues

“It is untrue to suggest equipment on mobile units is incapable of producing the same image quality as equipment based in static facilities.”

It adds there would be various ways in which InHealth’s staff would be able to liaise with multi-disciplinary teams who plan cancer treatment at the Churchill Hospital.

Mobile unit teams will have life support training, it said.

On accusations NHSE had threatened legal action against OUH, NHSE said: “It is not possible for one public body to pursue defamation proceedings against another public body. NHSE’s legal advisers were merely intending to alert the trust to the potential for other parties to seek redress for any unsubstantiated allegations made publicly.”

OUH says it asked HOSC to take up the issue in January after it was told by NHSE the PET-CT service was to be given to InHealth. HOSC wrote with its concerns about clinical quality if the privatisation were confirmed.

“Our evidence also stressed our concerns about the potential impact of such a decision on our ability to not only recruit and retain the best staff but also carry out research to benefit future generations of cancer patients,” OUH said.