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Figures show 'alarming' rise in children with Type 2 diabetes

“Type 2 diabetes typically develops in adults over the age of 40, so while still rare in children, it is extremely worrying that we are seeing more young people develop the condition.”

She added: “We need urgent action now. Type 2 diabetes can be a lifelong debilitating illness and these figures will only multiply if we delay.

“Councils with their public health responsibilities are on the frontline fighting obesity but for this to work effectively they need to be properly resourced.

“Cutting their public health funding is short-sighted and undermines any attempt to help our children live healthy and fulfilling lives.”

Almost half of those treated for Type 2 diabetes in paediatric units in 2016/17 were black or Asian, the figures also show, and the LGA said greater support is needed for ethnic minority groups.

Kathryn Kirchner, clinical advisor at Diabetes UK, said: “Although there are a number of risk factors for Type 2 diabetes which are out of our control, one of the most important risk factors is being overweight or obese, which we are able to influence.