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    Microneedle Derma Roller - 540 Micro Needle Skin Care System - Ideal to Keep Your Skin Young and Radiant - 0.25mm Titanium for Silky Smooth and Beautiful Skin - Includes FREE E-Book - By Sandine
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    List Price: $15.00
    Price: $15.00
    You Save: $5.43 (36%)

    • ✅ THE SAME RESULTS FOR A TINY PART OF THE COST - Professional derma roller sessions can be expensive. It would literally cost you hundreds of dollars to do them in beauty salons. No More! Your SanDine micro needling roller is designed for home use so that you can use it more often and get the same results at a better price.
    • ✅ THE GLOW THAT GETS YOU COMPLIMENTS - When rolling on your skin, this derma roller exfoliates your skin helping you to achieve smoother look and feel. With hundreds of customers reporting visible results after only a few sessions - you can't be wrong.
    • ✅ SAFE AND PAINLESS - Dermatologists confirm the 0.25mm size of the needles is perfect for home use. It provides ideal balance between safety, painless application and effective results. The high-grade titanium microneedles guarantee your beauty tool will remain strong and durable for long.
    • ✅ GIVE BEAUTY AS A GIFT - You can delight your beloved women with this skin care system. You can help them feel confident and beautiful every single day. Buy it for your darling wife, dear mom or another precious friend. Give them beauty as a gift!
    • ✅ 100% PURCHASE GUARANTEE - the titanium derma roller kit by SanDine is backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back. If you are not fully satisfied with your beauty roller, simply contact us and we will make sure to make it right.

    Micro 540 Needles Derma Roller Skin Care Tools/0.25mm, Microneedle Derma Roller for Face
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    List Price: $12.99
    Price: $12.99

    • ERGONOMIC - Roller comes with hygienic travel case and it's all sealed in sterile bag. The handle of the roller fits perfectly to your palm for smooth holding and rolling.
    • SAVE TIME - Nowadays it's becoming easier to take care of your face or any location of your body and skin at home.
    • PERFECT GIFT - Surprise for your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, mom or another precious friend. You can help them feel confident and beautiful every single day.
    • EASY TO USE - The 0.25mm titanium needle micro roller is one of the safest and most effective derma rollers available. Unlike other rollers, this causes absolutely no bleeding nor pain, which is why it is recommended by dermatologists as the #1 best beginner tool.
    • 100% PURCHASE GUARANTEE - Derma derma roller is backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Your satisfaction means everything to us. If you are not fully satisfied with your derma roller, simply contact us and we will make sure to make it right.

Queen's scientist is named Emerging Scientist 2012

Monarch's University scientist, Dr Ryan Donnelly, has been named the 2012 GlaxoSmithKline Emerging Scientist for his investigation on microneedle-based systems which deliver drugs without causing pain or bleeding. Dr Donnelly Skin runny can also be

Micro needles ease flu shots

The micro needle injects the vaccine even-handed under the skin, rather than into the muscle where it can cause pain for some people for hours after the shot. “I had the micro needle rapidly and it was really Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato also uses

Sanofi Pasteur Brings Fluzone® Intradermal Vaccine Coop de Quill VacciNation ...

The Fluzone Intradermal vaccine needle is an ultra-thin microneedle that is 90 percent smaller and only goes as serious as the skin's surface to help protect against the flu. Smaller than a grain of rice, the microneedle is only 1.5mm extended, and

Do Facial Rollers Really Do Anything? | Greatist

. "Sometimes, you wake up, and your face is a little swollen, and your eyes are a little full. The roller could help move some of that lymphatic fluid and remove some of the inflammation or swelling."

FYI, lymphatic drainage is something your body does naturally—otherwise you would be a very swollen mess on the daily. Lymph fluid is what carries white blood cells and other immune system molecules to areas of distress in the body, and that's where you may see swelling. When those cells have finished their work, the fluid drains away toward the lymph nodes, which filter out the bad stuff and then send the fluid back into the bloodstream.

There hasn't been much in the way of scientific study on the effects of facial massage, but researchers have looked at manual lymphatic drainage techniques on the rest of the body. It does look like massage or movement helps reduce the serum enzymes in the body associated with damage (or exercise) and reduce swelling. You have lymph nodes at the base of the nose, outside the mouth, along the jaw, behind the ears, under the chin, and in the back of the neck, so, theoretically, you'd want to direct the flow of fluid toward those spots.

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