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Microneedle Skin Care System

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    Dragontail- 0.3mm Derma Roller Kit for Facial Skin Care Product - Premium Titanium 540 Microneedle Roller- Beauty Tool System for At Home Use
    BISS (DragonTail)


    List Price: $19.99
    Price: $19.99
    You Save: $8.00 (40%)

    • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! If you are not satisfied with your kit we will issue a full refund.
    • Microneedling set features 0.3 mm titanium needles and ergonomic handle in a deluxe storage case.
    • Forge beautiful skin in the comfort of your home with the DragonTail derma roller.
    • Not intended for medical treatment but as a home use tool only. Derma roller is UV/Gamma sterilized.

    Healthy Care 540 Pins Micro Needles Titanium Microneedle Derma Roller Needle Skin Care/.25 mm
    BISS (TGH)


    List Price: $7.59
    Price: $7.59

    • Beauty Skin Care Tools
    • Home Use Skin Care System
    • 540 Pins/.25 mm

Queen's scientist is named Emerging Scientist 2012

Monarch's University scientist, Dr Ryan Donnelly, has been named the 2012 GlaxoSmithKline Emerging Scientist for his investigation on microneedle-based systems which deliver drugs without causing pain or bleeding. Dr Donnelly Skin runny can also be

Micro needles ease flu shots

The micro needle injects the vaccine even-handed under the skin, rather than into the muscle where it can cause pain for some people for hours after the shot. “I had the micro needle rapidly and it was really Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato also uses

Sanofi Pasteur Brings Fluzone® Intradermal Vaccine Coop de Quill VacciNation ...

The Fluzone Intradermal vaccine needle is an ultra-thin microneedle that is 90 percent smaller and only goes as serious as the skin's surface to help protect against the flu. Smaller than a grain of rice, the microneedle is only 1.5mm extended, and

LA's Top Skin Care Experts Share Tips for Perfect Summer Skin

We caught up with some of Los Angeles’ most influential skin aficionados to get advice on how to keep your skin glowing all summer long.

Exfoliate & Use Retinol Products

"Using topical retinol products is a fantastic way to encourage exfoliation on the face, chest, arms, and other commonly sun exposed areas to minimize brown spots, even the texture and tone of your skin, and make your skin radiant. You may want to treat yourself to a chemical or laser peel, which will more aggressively and effectively do these things, but plan accordingly. The deeper the peel—the more significant the skin improvement—but the longer the downtime." — Dr. Sandra Lee aka Dr. Pimple Popper

Microneedling Facials Are A Must

"Microneedling is a gentler anti-aging therapy than other forms of skin resurfacing. By encouraging your skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin, microneedling can actually stimulate your skin’s amazing ability to heal itself. It helps by reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, sunspots, scars, and other signs of aging. This incredible, long-lasting solution works in conjunction with your body’s natural rejuvenation process. Microneedling greatly facilitates the healing impact of topical creams, gels, and serums by enabling them to penetrate deep into the skin. It is also great to remodel scars and diminish stretch marks." — Nina Carla , Aesthetician

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