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Johnsons Body Care Deep Hydrating

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    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Concealer, 50 Deep 0.12 Oz
    Beauty (Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.)

    Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.

    List Price: $13.15
    Price: $3.75
    You Save: $9.40 (71%)

    • Designed to instantly quench skin
    • Applies flawlessly to help mask facial imperfections
    • With hyaluronic acid, this concealer leaves skin feeling quenched
    • 0.12 ounce (3.4 g) tube of hydrating concealer for dry skin
    • Available in 5 blendable makeup shades

    Pistachio Body Butter by Pistaché Skincare – a.k.a The Boyfriend Body Butter
    Beauty (Pistaché Skincare)

    Pistaché Skincare

    List Price: $28.00
    Price: $28.00

    • Light green color derived naturally from nourishing seaweed
    • Formulated for sensitive skin. Beneficial to all skin types.
    • A rich, whipped body butter that quickly absorbs to soothe and hydrate the skin
    • Our powerful products are made with natural and organic ingredients, featuring California pistachio oil
    • The man in your life will love the irresistible aroma of pistachio biscotti

31 new digital health tools showcased at CES 2017

While digital health doesn't have as big of a presence at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as other industries, there were a fair number of wearables, apps and sensor-enabled tools showcased. There were also several partnerships announced, which you can read about here . Some have already been covered in MobiHealthNews yet didn't make their official debuts til this week, but most were new announcements to the world. Here is a list of 31 digital health tools we've rounded up from CES.

Fitness gear company Polar, which has historically been known for its heartrate-monitoring watches and chest straps, unveiled its new product: a smart clothing item called the Polar Team Pro Shirt . The sleeveless base layer shirt is embedded with heart rate-monitoring sensors that contact the wearer’s skin, eliminating the need for a chest strap or wristworn band. Wearers also have a motion-tracking sensor “pod” to place in a pouch underneath the collar to track speed, distance and acceleration. The shirt integrates with Polar’s Team Pro coaching platform, and will also integrate with Polar Flow and the company’s other wearables.