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Bellocq Embracing Calmer Waters in New Recovery Phase

When Martine Bellocq first closed her eyes and drifted into a deep, pain-medicated sleep, she found herself balancing on the deck of a boat on the choppy waters of a Cuban port, a hurricane barreling down ominously upon her. It wasn’t a memory–Martine has never been to Cuba. “I was dreaming,” she explained, “but it looked so real.”

As the days and weeks passed, the waters of Martine’s dreams began to quieten. So much so, she could leap from one boat to another. “And when I was tired on that boat, I’d jump onto another one.” Sometimes she simply drifted away, floating further and further out upon the calm azure oasis of the open sea.

Each time Martine emerged from these blissful excursions, the pain and the discomfort of the burns that covered 60% of her body tormented her. And so, “I would just fall asleep and sail away. I loved it. No pain. No nothing,” she said, almost wistfully. The vast borderless expanse of the ocean with its soothing sea mists offered Martine an escape from the aching, scorching reality awaiting her, just around the corner. A chance to retreat inwards, into distant, unearthly dimensions. A time to heal.