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Autopsies: 2 sisters and their 3 kids died of exposure

The Office of the Medical Investigator ruled the sisters’ deaths accidental.

But their daughters’ deaths were determined to be homicides.

Each child was “unable to extricate herself from a dangerous situation (being outside in freezing weather without clothing or food) due to her young age,” investigators wrote in the reports.

It took three days for investigators to find all five bodies of the women and children, who had been reported missing and in danger on Jan. 5.

Vanessa’s boyfriend, Murphy Becenti, had called police, frantic and crying, saying he was afraid she was going to hurt their daughters. Officers who checked on her home found that she and Leticia had left behind their belongings, including their cellphones. Becenti said the sisters took him and the children up into the mountains and then drove away with the children, leaving him stranded without a jacket, according to a 911 call.

Becenti told police he was worried about his daughters, who weren’t wearing jackets or shoes. He said the sisters weren’t letting the girls eat until after some kind of ritual.