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Madonna's Fallon Skincare Infomercial Was the Worst Thing on TV Last Night

Madonna ’s MDNA skincare line launches in the U.S. today, three years after its debut in Asian markets. I can’t speak to the quality of the product, because I can’t afford it. The promotional campaign, however, is giving me hives. For reasons unknown, Madonna chose insufferable social media personality Josh “The Fat Jew” Ostrovsky as her co-spokesmodel. Here they are vogueing in salon chairs  while toasting a bottle of Ostrovsky’s White Girl Rosé wine brand. Do you want to drop $120 on a bottle of facial mist yet?

Last night, Madonna upgraded from Fat Jew to Jimmy Fallon, who consented to a live demo of a $600 magnetic clay product with the starstruck fervor of a QVC shill. The pair also played a “game” involving a Snapchat filter-like mouth swap gimmick, treating the audience to the spectacle of a Kim Kardashian impression performed by Madonna’s lips in Jimmy Fallon’s face. Then they tried to beatbox Run-DMC’s “Peter Piper.” It’s easily some of the most unpleasant video content on the face of the planet. Close this tab before terror of impending mortality compels you to press play or buy Madonna-approved lotion.

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I really like Artistry skin care products, i've attached a link for you to check them out, i think these products are great! Time Defiance products are good for older skin and Artistry Essentials is the basic skin care system. Artistry also has an acne

Neutrogena's stuff should be really awesome; it's the number one body/facial care brand in the world, and dermatologists recommend it, so you should get some things from Neutrogena, and try it out. It doesn't work on everybody though, so it's all about

Try using first Sea Breeze Naturals Gentle Clay Cleanser and then use some good astringent that you can get, most likely Witch Hazel astringent. And then get some Acne free Acne and blackhead terminator and maybe some artistry Face moisturizer and then

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