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Planet TV Studios Presents the Healing Mission of Dr. Deborah Longwill of the Miami Center for Dermatology

Dr. Deborah  Longwill  adds new definition to the word “service” after devoting herself to the South Florida community for more than 25 years.   

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Longwill  completed her medical degree from the Southeastern University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine. Her clinic in Miami, Florida, provides a wide variety of services for those with persistent skin issues or perceived flaws. Her medical expertise includes numerous treatments, ranging from topical medications, laser treatments and cosmetic procedures to skin nutritive facials and more. 

However, Dr. Longwill’s medical knowledge is not by any means her only contribution to her field. Dr. Longwill and her board-certified staff take the time to enact a dialogue with their patients to decide upon a customized approach which best meets the needs of the individual. Where more non-invasive therapies are available to help her patients achieve their health goals, Dr. Longwill provides recommendations in an effort to collaborate with her patients on a holistic approach to skin care.     

good facial care products?

I have tried several different facial cleanser/moisturizer products. I have been suckered into the infomercials of the supposed secrets of Victoria Principle and Cindy Crawford. I have tried products from Mary Kay and Avon. I've tried several different

I really like Artistry skin care products, i've attached a link for you to check them out, i think these products are great! Time Defiance products are good for older skin and Artistry Essentials is the basic skin care system. Artistry also has an acne

Neutrogena's stuff should be really awesome; it's the number one body/facial care brand in the world, and dermatologists recommend it, so you should get some things from Neutrogena, and try it out. It doesn't work on everybody though, so it's all about

Try using first Sea Breeze Naturals Gentle Clay Cleanser and then use some good astringent that you can get, most likely Witch Hazel astringent. And then get some Acne free Acne and blackhead terminator and maybe some artistry Face moisturizer and then

Does TNS Recovery Complex really work? I don't Think So!? TNS Recovery Complex Review?

Quite a few of you have written asking about the rather prominent
ads for the product TNS Recovery Complex ($139 for 0.6 oz). Increasing number
of topical products hitting the market claiming they can diminish or reduce wrinkles without

This is the longest question...not really a question, but...that I've seen on yahoo answers. The answer

Are you asking if we agree with this article? It does look like quack medicine. (Most over adverstised paid programming sorts of medication/cures are).