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Kyle Richards Did Some Major Damage to Her Hair — This Is How She Fixed It

(Airs Tuesdays at 9/8c) beauty gets asked about her haircare routine on a near constant basis. Lucky for us, she's happy to oblige fans of her flowing hair with beauty tips — and this latest one will arm you with a powerful tool for staving off split ends. 

In a recent Instagram Story, the 'Wife shared: "I get a lot of questions about what products I use on my hair, so I want to just share with you a product that I'm using right now and absolutely loving, and it's called Keranique." 

Kyle added: "A while back I decided to lighten my hair and it did a lot of damage. So I had to reverse that damage and I really found that Keranique made a big difference." And there was one product in particular that Kyle's been spritzing on these days. 

"One of my favorite products is the Lift and Repair treatment," Kyle said. "You spray it in your hair when it's wet before you blow-dry it, and it gives amazing volume and lift. But more importantly, it seals your split ends. That's my favorite part about this product."