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Flood-hit Cumbrian communities urged to come forward for funding

Ineteen months after Storm Desmond devastated the county, the Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund has supported more than 3,000 households and helped communities rebuild after the floods.

Managed by Cumbria Community Foundation, over £9 million has been awarded in total, with more than £2.5 million being invested in resistance and resilience measures for both households and communities, to help minimise the extent of damage in the future.

Dr Jenny Benson, Flood Fund Programme Manager, said: “As anyone who has been flooded will tell you, the experience is devastating and the effects are felt long after the water has subsided.

“Many of the thousands of residents whose homes were flooded have experienced significant additional costs. Even those whose financial circumstances initially appeared ‘comfortable’ have met with uninsured and unexpected losses.

“Some Insurers will only pay for like for like reinstatement, rather than the inclusion of resilience measures, for example, raising the height of electrics, concrete floors or stainless steel kitchen units. The fund is able to offer financial assistance to support this type of work.”