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    HERA COLLAGEN EYE-UP CREAM 3ml x 3EA / Sample Kit / TTBeauty / Korea Cosmetics


    List Price: $22.00
    Price: $22.00

    • Sample size!
    • 100% authentic product is shipped from south korea!
    • Premium brand in low price!

    [HERA] CC(Complete Care) CREAM (SPF35 / PA++) 01 PINK BEIGE / 2013(NEW)
    Beauty (Amore Pacific (Korea))

    Amore Pacific (Korea)

    List Price: $39.44
    Price: $37.41
    You Save: $2.03 (5%)

    • Amore Pacific HERA
    • 30ml + 4 Hera Free Samples
    • Complete Care Cream
    • *Ship from Korea and sold by Rescue Warrior Inc.
    • For Youthful & Smooth Skin

Amorepacific Corp (090430) Plunges -2.63% on Sep 13

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The Stock Market Division of the KRX is where all publicly traded companies are listed. Tracking their respective performances is the Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI).

The KOSPI was first published in 1983 but its base date goes back as early as 1980. It monitors all publicly traded companies listed on the Stock Market Division of the KRX as a market-capitalization-weighted index. The base value is 100.

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