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    [HERA] Sun Mate Leports Sunscreen (SPF50+ / PA+++) / 70ml.
    Beauty (HERA)


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    • 70ml
    • SPF50+/PA+++
    • HERA Sun Mate Leports
    • *Ship from Korea

    [HERA] CC(Complete Care) CREAM (SPF35 / PA++) 01 PINK BEIGE / 2013(NEW)
    Beauty (Amore Pacific (Korea))

    Amore Pacific (Korea)

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    • 30ml + 4 Hera Free Samples
    • Amore Pacific HERA
    • *Ship from Korea and sold by Rescue Warrior Inc.
    • Complete Care Cream
    • For Youthful & Smooth Skin

K-Beauty: The Exhausting Skin-Care Regimen That May Be Worth the Effort

IF SNAIL CREAM and sheet masks are already part of your beauty routine, congratulations: You’re officially on the cutting edge of beauty. Now please step aside while the other 99% of us catch up to the K-Beauty trend.

K-Beauty—the umbrella term for all South Korean imports in the skin care, makeup and bath-and-body categories—has been attracting fans in the U.S. Over the last 18 months, it’s cultivated a certain gentle, nature-meets-technology ethos. Boosting its appeal is packaging that comes with poppy colors, nonsensical names like Tonymoly and bottles whimsically shaped like pandas and cracked hard-boiled eggs.

Even more hyped than the products themselves, however, is the ultra-elaborate K-Beauty skin-care regimen espoused by popular websites like Soko Glam and Peach & Lily , both of which are run by Korean Americans. Incorporating up to 10 (and sometimes more) steps, the typical regimen kicks off with a “dual cleansing” ritual (via oil- and water-based products), winds its way through a series of sheet masks, essences, serums and rich moisturizers, and wraps up with SPF 35 sunscreen. At night, you swap out the sunscreen for a thick, gloppy “sleep cream.”