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WEN Case Spurs Call for Beauty Product Regs

Some do recall products as a result of consumer pressure, as in the case of Justice and Claire’s. The two retail chains stopped selling several of their own lines – Justice recalled 8 Just Shine products, including Just Shine Shimmer Powder and Eye Shadow Palette, and Claire’s pulled 17 makeup kits that included eye shadow and lip gloss -- after tests from a lab found they contained asbestos. A concerned parent had the tests done at a private lab, a TV station reported.

WEN denied any problems with its products, and Claire’s last year denied that its products contained asbestos, citing results from its own lab tests. Justice said last year that it had ended its relationship with the vendor that produced the makeup.

Feinstein and Collins have introduced the Personal Care Products Safety Act to push for tighter regulations on cosmetics and personal care products. The Feinstein-Collins bill also requires the FDA to test a certain number of chemicals each year to see how safe they are, and it allows the agency to recall products deemed to be harmful to consumers.