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    Cleansing Conditioner Cowash - Sulfate Free & Keratin Safe, Won’t Strip Hair Or Cause Dryness - Safe For Natural, Curly, Colored, Dry or Damaged Hair - Soothing & Refreshing Mint - LuxeOrganix (USA)
    Beauty (LuxeOrganix)


    List Price: $41.97
    Price: $41.97
    You Save: $12.00 (29%)

    • ORDER FOR THIS EXCLUSIVE AMAZON BONUS - Save $5 when you buy 1 + 8oz Shampoo & Conditioner (code below) + 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! This cowash cleansing conditioner just makes sense. You love your hair don't you? Order now and see for yourself.
    • FRESH MINTY SCENT, GREAT FOR CURLY HAIR, KERATIN & COLOR SAFE! -Your hair looking and feeling beautiful for...less than the cost of popcorn and a movie? Yes! Even if you have tried other pricey or cheap products, don't you want one with a guarantee?
    • [16oz] NO HARMFUL INGREDIENTS. CLEAN, NO RESIDUE, NOT FRIZZY. NOTHING COMPARES -Don't price shop. Sulfate-free, unlike the other options that can strip the hair and dry out your scalp, ours is 100% safe, effective and works fast. Pretty cool, huh?
    • LEAVES HAIR SOFT, SMOOTH, AND MORE MANAGEABLE OR WE'LL SEND YOUR MONEY BACK! - Is your hair prone to tangling? Don't want to spend a fortune on salon hair treatments? This soothing mint cleansing conditioner is just right for you. Hurry, low supply.
    • READ THIS BEFORE BUYING...OTHER BRANDS DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS --> Some say co-washing is all you need. The fact is it's meant to be a go between, you do need to shampoo at times for build up. Why trust those who won't tell you the whole truth?

    Wen Fig Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment 4 oz
    Beauty (Dr WEN)

    Dr WEN

    List Price: $31.90
    Price: $31.90

    • Wen Fig Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment 4 oz
    • Rich in shea butter & replenishing botanicals to intensely moisturize hair
    • Adds body & shine while strengthening damaged hair
    • Great for coarse, curly, straight or wavy hair
    • An intensive, concentrated & hydrating creamy hair mask

Gabrielle Union Launched Her Hair Care Line And Shows Off Natural Tresses

Gabrielle Union is officially in business. The actress launched her hair care company, Flawless by Gabrielle Union this week as announced on Instagram.

“Today is a very exciting day!!!,” she said. “@Flawlesshairday has finally launched and is available online for you to purchase. As a woman with textured hair, the search to find a brand that meets all of my needs has been impossible. That’s why I created Flawless. Wishing you all good hair days from this moment forward!”

The actress shares that she created the line for textured hair out of a desire to address some of the needs she had, from years of wearing wigs, weaves and trying a ton of products.

“Around 25 years old, I stopped using relaxers and slowly grew my natural hair out,” she says in another post where she shows off her natural hair. “It’s been a helluva hair journey. We are all on a hair journey. I created #Flawless for all of us on this journey of having healthy, nourished and nurtured hair. This is for those curious about my natural hair and needed proof it actually existed.”

Is Wen hair Care right for me?

I have medium thin, dry, spiral-curly hair that goes a little past my shoulders. I have been thinking about trying wen but have seen many mixed reviews. Is Wen right for me?

Wen is right for everyone! It completely makes all the difference in the world! Chaz Dean is a genius! :-)

I used to use it for my hair and I have thick curly frizzy hair but it does nothing for me. So I guess just try it out first and then just if you like it keep using it. You have to use it like 3 times before you even notice anything though.

Is the Wen hair care system for me?

I have very thick, dry, frizzy, curly curly hair. I was just wondering if Wen will help moisturize and get rid of my frizz, and make my curls.. soft pretty curls?

the commercial looks promising but those people didnt style it themselves. the professional did it..