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    Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner: SLS, Cruelty Sulfate-Free. Safe for Color Treated, Keratin Treated Hair. Best for Damaged, Dry, Curly or Frizzy Hair. Thickening for Fine and Thin Hair (16 Ounces)
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    Price: $44.50
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    • PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE BUYING...WHAT OTHER BRANDS KEEP SECRET--> Some say parabens are safe. But studies now show, parabens mimic estrogen which have a proven link to breast cancer. Our recipe is paraben-free! Beauty without sacrificing your health.
    • EXPERIENCE SOFT, SHINY, SMOOTH HAIR WITHOUT THE FRIZZ. MADE IN THE USA. -You don't to price shop. Sure there are cheaper products (made in China), but ours is designed for your safety first, and contains no drying alcohols, gluten or phthalates.
    • GREAT FOR CURLY HAIR, SAFE FOR EXTENSIONS AND HELPS WITH DANDRUFF. -See and feel the difference...without a sea of unused bottles stuffed under the sink, Yes. Now you can buy with confidence and stop wasting money on products you will never use.
    • SAFE FOR COLORED AND KERATIN TREATED HAIR, WON'T STRIP. -Preserve your treatment, protect your investment. Sulfate and sodium chloride-free conditioner is recommended by professional stylists. For best results, use with LuxeOrganix argan oil shampoo.
    • WE STAND BEHIND OUR CUSTOMERS AND PRODUCTS -Experience the benefits of this shampoo and conditioner for yourself. If you're not delighted, our highly trained team will assist you to find a solution. You see, you have nothing to lose so order today.

    Long curly hair wig scroll Miss Gao Wen silk girls long curly hair oblique bangs fluffy micro volume long hair
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    Price: $22.98

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Is Wen hair Care right for me?

I have medium thin, dry, spiral-curly hair that goes a little past my shoulders. I have been thinking about trying wen but have seen many mixed reviews. Is Wen right for me?

Wen is right for everyone! It completely makes all the difference in the world! Chaz Dean is a genius! :-)

I used to use it for my hair and I have thick curly frizzy hair but it does nothing for me. So I guess just try it out first and then just if you like it keep using it. You have to use it like 3 times before you even notice anything though.

Is the Wen hair care system for me?

I have very thick, dry, frizzy, curly curly hair. I was just wondering if Wen will help moisturize and get rid of my frizz, and make my curls.. soft pretty curls?

the commercial looks promising but those people didnt style it themselves. the professional did it..