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Humboldt County supes willfully obtuse on caregiver pay

The chairman notorious that county IHSS caregivers were the lowest paid employees in the county and the lowest paid IHSS caregivers in California, and that while about every county in California had found a way to increase wages for its IHSS caregivers,

So, why is it that WOMEN'S PAY is 72 percent (or 64 or 59) of men's? [The ...

"The muddle with the pay gap is that it is not closing, despite the fact that women make up half of the workforce and half of college graduates," said Barbara Eversole, manager of the Human Resources Development and Performance Technologies at

Childcare Challenges Continue

Men who scold on women's rights, and about their bodies, their personal decisions, their working conditions, their regular concerns about childcare services, toys, health care, nutrition, and anything else connected to children just don't understand

Column: Focus on pay equity obscures other issues

These numbers show that women are often making choices based on shouldering a greater caregiver cross, either for children or other family. They're choosing part-time jobs, probable hours and less responsibility. They're staying home with babies

Calaveras County Copes With Change After Influx of New Marijuana Growers

As we crest a hill and come into the hot burn of the Butte Fire, our conversation stops short.

All you can see are barren hills studded with black shards sticking out of the ground. It’s a 360 degree view of what used to be pine, manzanita.

“See that little road down there?” Wilensky asks, pointing into the canyon. “That’s Hawver Road and there were at least forty to fifty houses along that road that all burned,” he adds.

Wilensky witnessed firefighters battling the blaze in this area. He says he showed them how to access the canyons. He said they led a heroic effort and kept the fire from engulfing three nearby towns, including Mountain Ranch.

Calaveras resident Bill Schmiett’s wasn’t one of the lucky ones. His Mountain Ranch home was destroyed. Earlier in his life, Schmiett worked as a firefighter.

“I’ve seen fire up close before. But it’s a whole different ball game when everything you had is a big pile, a smoking pile of ash and twisted metal roof.”