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Medical software sector, docs and govt on mission to kill the fax

HealthLink is leading another consortium testing the delivery of referrals from a range of GPs to specialists in a project involving MedicalDirector, Best Practice Software, Genie Solutions, Global Health, and Telstra Health.

Both consortia are finalising a federated search capability which will allow for the searching of provider directories and care provider electronic addresses. This means that a single search will identify Australian healthcare providers, providing an easier way for clinicians looking up other clinicians. The sending of messages across these sites will commence this month. The projects have also been extended to include allied health practitioners and electronic medical record products.

“Secure messaging systems and standards have been in place for many years, but as a country, we’ve struggled to implement at a national scale,” said ADHA chief operating officer Bettina McMahon.

“It has taken time to co-produce a workable solution with industry that meets the expectations of the clinical community – we started this project 18 months ago. But to adopt a true co-production process takes this long, and ultimately, has allowed us to reach consensus about how we will scale digital communication,” she added.