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Chinese most vulnerable to breast cancer

State Health Director Datuk Dr Christina Rundi fielded a range of questions from Daily Express Special Writer MARY CHIN relating to the incidence of breast cancer in Sabah, screening techniques,treatment options, survival rates, the need for spousal support, child cancer, operating budget for oncology and radiotherapy services, and shortage of oncologists in Sabah, in conjunction with National Women's Day that falls on August 25.

She also dispelled some of the misperceptions surrounding the disease, and touched on why some patients resort to seeking treatment by the bomoh. This is the interview.

DE: Given that so many awareness programmes have been carried out in Sabah in both the public and private sectors in the last 10 years, has there been an improvement in terms of more women coming forward for breast cancer screening?

Director: There are a few screening techniques for breast cancer currently available in Sabah and these are breast self-examination (BSE), clinical examination