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Ermahgerd layzurs!

At Signature Skin Care (1300 E. Ninth; 341-6009) in Edmond, you can laser your appearance. When I first started getting eye wrinkles, I'll admit to having a full-on go to pieces attack. A few days of some serious reflection landed me in a place of acceptance. But

To ban or not to ban doctors' white coats

Those who have declared war on the white coat come mainly from the infection control community. They argue that the coats, with their long, loose-fitting sleeves, are prone to be germ magnets.

“We know conclusively that the clothing worn by health care workers can be contaminated with harmful pathogens,” says Dr. Michael Edmond, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Iowa Hospital in Iowa City. “We have enough evidence to say it’s the right thing to get rid of the white coats.”

Several studies, including research by the World Health Organization, as well as by infectious disease experts in the United States, Britain and Israel, show that pathogens are easily transferred from surfaces to fabric, and from fabric to skin.

Studies have also confirmed that many of the microorganisms detected on white coats are antibiotic-resistant. They included Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which is responsible for the most dangerous kind of hospital-acquired infections.