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Ermahgerd layzurs!

At Signature Skin Care (1300 E. Ninth; 341-6009) in Edmond, you can laser your appearance. When I first started getting eye wrinkles, I'll admit to having a full-on go to pieces attack. A few days of some serious reflection landed me in a place of acceptance. But

Executive Q&A: Not deterred by stroke, Edmond doctor still wants to make people look fine, feel good

A: When I was 13, I'd heard Dr. Gordon Deckert, well-known Oklahoma City psychiatrist and OU med school professor, speak at the State Fair. But my path to medical school was long and winding. After earning a bachelor's in psychology/pre-med from OSU in '76, I pursued naturopathic medicine for two and half years in San Diego and then two and half years in Portland; earned an associate's in paramedics emergency medicine at OCCC; and then, working as a paramedic, put myself through physician assistant school at OU. I was taking classes alongside medical students, which gave me the desire to go to med school. I started in 1990, a month after I married my husband, Larry, who was already an ER doctor. But when our youngest was 3, he switched to 8-to-5 work, in urgent care and occupational medicine, because we realized we both couldn't work as ER docs and raise a family. After my stroke, Larry fortunately stepped up to run the medical spa, along with his medical consulting and many other business interests. One silver lining is we've been able to spend infinitely more time together.