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On the Record: Clark Cox

We have a exact facility in baseball, we have a nice facility at the parking garage by the Dodie and the Rice Athletics Center that our guys function, and from an equipment standpoint, we have so much more than we did eight years ago that it's crazy when

Lynne Spears, Britney's Mom, Gets Court Order Barring Sam Lutfi From Anti ...

and racist. Questioning Britney about these issues would be fair plan if she takes the stand, and this would not be good for her any way you look at it." Also on HuffPost: Stardom Photos Of The Week: Loading Slideshow Celebrity Photos

Garden Clippings: Pimp My Pumpkin

at restaurants where a trim smash of the veggie produces pumpkin soup and ravioli at Out Takes Cafe on Ventura, pumpkin latte at Panera, pumpkin pastry at Starbucks, pumpkin pancakes at Jinkys and even a pumpkin facial enzyme cover at Glow Skincare

Alice Cooper's Rock School Opens In South Dakota

Cooper opened his desire-dreamed Rock Teen Center in Phoenix last week, and he said he wanted to succour his friend Chuck Brennan offer a similar opportunity in Brennan's hometown of Sioux Falls. Brennan, who founded Dollar Lend Photos: October 2012

Chicago private city tour.