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    Chamois Butt'r GoStik Anti-Chafing Solid, 2.5 ounce
    Sports (Paceline Products, Inc.)

    Paceline Products, Inc.

    List Price: $14.99
    Price: $13.76
    You Save: $1.23 (8%)

    • Chamois Butt'r products are paraben and gluten free
    • Advanced formula glides on quickly and easily to lubricate skin
    • Ideal for swimming, running, cycling, triathlons, and more
    • 2.5 ounce solid stick lubricant, designed to prevent chafing and skin irritation
    • GoStik, The Better Anti-Chafe Stick

    Pearl Izumi Women's Symphony Sleeveless Jersey, Scuba Blue, Medium
    Sports (Pearl Izumi)

    Pearl Izumi

    List Price: $39.95
    Price: $39.95

    • The perfect balance of anatomic fit, performance engineered materials and the personal interface between athlete and gear
    • A clothing system that works to help you maintain the perfect temperature for the weather conditions and activity range day in and day out
    • Read the care content label on the inside of your garment for specific instructions; use simple detergents with no additives
    • See Product tag and wwwpearlizumicom for Warranty Information
    • The Women's Symphony SL Jersey is sleek, simple and extremely comfortable thanks to fabric that is ultra-soft to the touch
    • Spring/Summer 2013

San Luis Obispo County Visitors Guide announces "Favorite Places" in its Nov ...

San Luis Obispo County Visitors Guide announces "Favorite Places" in its Nov ... Gregg Whitfield - The Loyal Estate Office is recommended when looking for a realtor in Cambria and all of San Luis Obispo County, CA. He is a honest estate agent and broker. “No one will work harder to get you the most value with It's a full ritual

Green Bay Pukers

It was bad enough they got robbed on the last horse around in Seattle just two weeks ago and barely scraped out a skin of the teeth win over a Saints combine in turmoil last week. Billions more who aren't even football fans at all could not care any less

PQ Monthly August 2017 – The Melanin Edition

CLICK HERE  to download the edition as a PDF.

From the Editor

This summer, Proud Queer Monthly experienced firsthand the struggles of being a team of queer people of color working in media. It felt like an extensive metaphor for what we were trying to accomplish—like the universe itself was reminding us that centering and celebrating people of color is never something that is achieved without a fight. This month, Charlottesville reminded us all, yet again, that the depth of hatred runs deep in this country, and a frightening percentage of it is directed at people of color. It is horrors like the violence in Charlottesville that also remind us just how important it is to make intentional space for people of color, when so much of this country would prefer us to disappear altogether. The Melanin Edition is made up entirely of the words and images of people of color. It is an act of resistance.

Many writers who have never contributed to PQ before—or even read PQ before—expressed enthusiastic interest in being a part of this project, and I am honored to share their brave and powerful words in The Melanin Edition. Dakky Comics contrasts Portland’s oh-so-progressive image with the realities of living in it as a queer person of color (page 10); and Joseph Jordan Johnson addresses the subtle violence that white liberals enact upon black people (page 5). Anna Zheng discusses the consumption of womxn of color by those who care about race in theory but are self-serving in practice (page 7); while Lani Felicitas explores the intersection of colorism, gender, and poverty in Asian-American communities (page 6).