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Cambria resident burned in house fire recovers as rebuilding process begins

It was the house next door.

Humphreys parked, “laid on the horn” to alert her friends and saw “a woman standing between the two houses, yelling for help,” she said.

Meanwhile, according to Tom Weaver, he and his wife heard Hilber “pounding on our side door, yelling ‘Help! Fire! Help! Fire!’”

They rushed out and found Humphreys — a retired emergency-room nurse with experience in a burn unit — assisting the injured woman, which she did until the ambulance arrived. The Weavers brought Hilber a robe, which Humphreys wrapped carefully around her to protect her injured body.

“I was so impressed about what a wonderful job she did of saving herself,” Humphreys said of Hilber. “She yelled so loudly, so constantly” until help arrived.

Thomas Weaver said Hilber has been an extraordinarily private neighbor for the past year or so, rarely seen and not a “hello-howdy” kind of person. “For a while, we didn’t think anybody was living there,” he said.