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Papa Platform Gives Grandkids On Demand

When Papa Founder and CEO Andrew Parker first started developing the idea that would become his platform to match up seniors and college students, he wasn’t really thinking about starting a business. Mostly, he told PYMNTS for this week’s edition of Matchmakers, he was trying to solve a very personal problem. His grandfather – who he called Papa – had been diagnosed with early-onset dementia.

The condition eventually progressed into full-blown Alzheimer’s disease – but at first, long before his Papa needed extensive medical care and intervention, Parker needed something a whole lot simpler.

A companion.

Parker’s Papa wasn’t the only person with that need. His still fully functional grandmother needed a companion for Papa to give her a break from her duties as a family caregiver.

“I was thinking about this one day at work,” Parker said, “and realized that there are so many seniors out there, and so many college students who could use the income. So I started to wonder if maybe there was something I could do to connect them and maybe let something magical happen.”