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Anti-Aging Treatments Could Rely On Specific Cell Region

For their research, scientists focused on developing a treatment for children with a rare genetic disorder that causes premature aging known as progeria . The disease typically presents itself within the first year of a child’s life as seen by symptoms including hair loss and slow growth. Many adolescents with progeria will only live to about 13 years old due to heart problems or strokes.

Dr. John P. Cooke, M.D., Ph.D. , department chair of cardiovascular sciences at Houston Methodist, studied the cells of kids with progeria, specifically looking at the telomeres. Located at the end of chromosomes, these structures shorten with age, which is associated with diseases like cancer and a higher risk of death. As the children in the study had shorter telomeres, the researchers hoped that lengthening them could essentially slow how quickly the cells aged and improve overall function.

The team gave the cells ribonucleic acid to make a protein that lengthened the telomere, known as telomerase. This longer structure helps cells work better and allows them to live longer.

What are the best longevity products and anti aging treatments out there?

I am 23 years old and i have noticed myself age like 10 years since 3 years ago. I have recently moved and was wondering how can I look young at 40 by starting now?

have you tried cosmetic surgeon in a jar yet. Cosmetic surgeon in a jar makes some of the most effective anti aging products ive seen.

Hi there. I hear that people are having great success with Revitol and the good thing is you can try it for free. I like trying things for free because if they dont work you haven't wasted your money and all these anti ageing creams and anything really


Look after your health. Eat good foods, fruits and vegetables. Exercise. Have joy. Laugh. Relax using self-hypnosis, meditation or other centering technique. Drink plenty of water (no soda) avoid too much red meat, animal fats.

When is the best age to use anti-aging treatments?

Is it bad to start using them in your early 20's?
No I wasn't referring to surgery at all, just wondering if anti aging products are best to use now.

If you want to slow the aging process, consider anti aging supplements.
There are some that still believe that plenty of exercise, a proper diet and the right amount of sleep is really all you need to fight the aging process. And

never..........its bad and u should just go natural......... in my opinion its weird to see an old person look young; _ylt=AjrRdSU4hFH09dPOWtDTisDsy6IX;_ylv=3 ?qid=20090725174708AAU8ZIv

If you mean using creams for aging skin or body washes [ex. Dove's Pro-Age body wash] you can use them in your teens and older if you like. There's a girl on YouTube who does amazing skincare videos and she's young and uses all that stuff. Check her