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The Skin Tightener Every Man Should Own, Period

This may come as a surprise, but believe it or not, older men are making a comeback. There has never been a time where men over 50 have been so popular and in demand. Just look at Robert Downey, Jr. and George Clooney. Despite being well into AARP membership age, it seems as if they just keep getting better looking as each year passes. What’s their secret? Is it something regular men can do? We may have found the answer.

Earlier this month, I met up with Mark Tomlinson. Despite being well into his 60s, his wife loves to make people guess how old he is. At 65 years old, he can’t remember the last time he felt this good about his looks. No one believes him when he reveals his age. People can’t decide if he looks 40 or 45.

Getting in touch with him wasn’t too hard. He was fairly easy to find, and after a few email exchanges I was able to land an interview with him. We met a coffee shop in Chicago. It was true. He did not look mid-60s at all. I couldn’t believe the man I was talking to looked younger than me, and I’m 53 years old! When we ordered our coffees I got offered the senior discount and he didn’t…

What is best anti aging face cream or treatment for men?

Try Life-Flo CelluSolve Plus lusolve-plus-natural-cellulite-reduction -cream-maximum-strength-5-oz

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I would recommend the Lancome range for men or if you want to pay less I would go for loreal they also do a range for men both good

Anti-Aging products and Acne prone skin (for men)?

I am a 28-year-old asian guy who enjoyed acne-free beautiful skin when I was in my early teens 'til age 26. It all went downhill from there. Acne attacked my skin and now I look 'ugh'. Fortunately, with help from dermatologists my battles with it has

Try pro-activ

I have struggled with acne for many years. I still continue to struggle with acne in my mid-20s and always seem to have a few breakouts. I have tried a variety of skin care products over the years. It's like I can never have perfectly clear skin anymore.