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Dealing with Negative Emotions is Key in Staying Young

You might be among the people hoping that someone will discover the fountain of youth so that you do not have to deal with ageing. No one wants to look old and let go of their youthful vibe.

The truth is that ageing is something all of us have to deal with, whether we like it or not. At some point in your life, your skin will start sagging. Your wrinkles will continue to show. You will not be as physically capable as you once were.

Before you resort to medical help to reverse the signs of ageing, you need to start by dealing with your emotions. You look stressed and tired because of your failure to address your problems, and you cannot find a reason to smile.

Face your problems head on 

When there are problems in your life that you need to deal with, you cannot just bury them and pretend they do not exist. If you have rifts with people you love, you also cannot pretend that everything is okay and move on. There is nothing wrong with moving on provided that you already closed all the negative chapters of your life; otherwise, these issues will continue haunting you and prevent you from being happy.

Best shampoo, top mascara, best anti-aging, acne treatment, face moisturizer, hair products, makeup, perfume?

What are the best beauty products of any category? What are rated the best in beauty? What are your top3?

This is my source for the best products:

How well do your favorites match

these are mine.
herbal essences shampoo and conditioner.
covergirl's remarkable mascara, waterproof and not so thick and clumpy and it's easy to take off.
i doesn't use any anti-aging stuff.
proactiv works for me.

Re Beauty Products. I just answered a question about greasy eyelids & referred to Vital Radiance Products by Revlon. Go to You can get a free consultation & some products. I just registered & had my coice of 3 types

My favorites don't compare to that stuff at all. Most of the stuff I see on that list you can buy at Wal-Mart.

I use department store and salon products (like Christian Dior, Chanel, Urban Decay, Clinque, Bed Head, Biolage, Redken.)

Anti-aging treatments?

My face is starting to show signs of aging. Wrinkles and sagging skin are setting in. I want to start an anti-aging regime. This site: has got various tips for anti-aging. Can you let me know of any other website which

well i know that my grandma uses olay, and she has NO wrinkles or very few, her skin seems very soft ! and she looks VERYYYY VERYY good for being 64.