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    Appolus Led Light Photon Therapy Mask 7 Color Facial Skin Rejuvenation For Blemishes Hyperpigmentation Dark Spots Fine Lines Wrinkles Sagging Face Treatment - Phototherapy Anti-Aging Machine
    Beauty (Appolus)


    List Price: $139.00
    Price: $139.00

    • DARK SPOTS TREATMENT. Green light to treat dark spots, sun damage, uneven pigmentation, hyperpigmentation by inhibiting the overproduction of melanin..
    • REDUCE FINE LINES. Red light has been proven to be safe, effective to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles by increasing collagen production.
    • RECOMMENDED USE. 10 to 20 minutes a day for a given light color. Results are typically seen after 3 months of consistent treatment. Can be used in conjunction with the diamond microdermabrasion and high frequency.
    • FLAWLESS GLOWING SKIN. This device offers 7 light colors to help with blemishes, uneven pigmentation, fine lines, dark spots, sun damage, redness and other imperfections.
    • MINIMIZE PORES. Blue light helps to eliminate skin bacteria and reduces pores. Blackheads removal similar to a comedo suction tool.

    Anti-Aging Red LED Light Therapy 38 LED Bulb for Fine Lines & Wrinkles 660nm
    Health and Beauty (Light-Therapy-LED)


    List Price: $43.99
    Price: $43.99

    • 38 Super bright therapeutic Red LED lights - 660 nm wavelength
    • Bulb ONLY. Fits into any standard fixture 110v-120v
    • No harmful UV rays - FREE eye goggles
    • Natural anti-aging regime increases collagen to fill in fine lines & wrinkles
    • Fine lines and wrinkles start to diminish within 30 days

Ricky Gervais And The Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais And The Golden Globes The relentless spat led him to defend himself by saying "I am not anti Christian. I am anti bigot. I don't accept in ANY god. I treat all religions equally. And all good people." Some of Gervais' followers on Chirrup have been fuelling his mischievous

Red Wine's Health Benefits May Have Resulted from Falsified Research Data

Reports are surfacing that one of the top red wine researchers has falsified some of his findings. In item, the data that pointed to the health benefits of red wine and its anti-aging properties may be untrustworthy. Dr. Dipak K. Das is the director of

Laser Mole Removal: Dr Sam Speron Says A New Year Brings New Technologies

A pigmented lesion can be identified as a raised or unconditional spot on the skin that is brownish, red, blue-black or tan in color. This could become available as a mole, freckle, skin tag, sun/aging spot or birthmark. The New Year has brought us continued imporvement

Written by Pamela Robin Brandt - BT Contributor

If warming up sounds like too much work, Fernando Maestre, owner of Lido Beauty (6685 Collins Ave., 305-864-8838) suggests a way to renew yourself with no attainment whatsoever on your part: The salon features the only anti-aging Red Light Therapy bed in

LED treatment using skin-penetrating wavelengths of light promises to rid you of breakouts for good

Shauni had warned me that it may sting a little, and she's right - it feels a little like someone is rubbing sandpaper over my face. 

Then comes the LED treatment itself, administered via a giant lamp emitting blue light. I'm told to pop on a pair of goggles, close my eyes and try to relax - no mean feat when there's a UFO-like object floating dangerously close to your face.

But the 15-minute treatment isn't unpleasant, and just as I'm finding myself dangerously close to nodding off under the warm light, it's over.

Shauni applies some hydrating serum and stem cell rebuilding complex which should further boost collagen production. Finally, just when I think my skin can't take much more, she finishes off with a mineral-based SPF to protect my skin from UV rays.

While on first inspection my skin looks a little on the pink side - probably a result of the cranberry scrub - a few hours later my complexion is back to normal and looking plumper and more revived.

Help!. Ive had my hair colour stripped (with bleach) and now its snapping, falling out and I have itchy scalp.?

Ive always been one for changing my hair colour. I naturally have mid brown hair and decided to go a little lighter this summer. I purchased some highlighting cream from avon and used it over 3 cosecutive days. This was all fine until I got bored and

A few other things you could also do.

Don't wash your hair too often, you can clean it a lot by just water with no shampoo then condition.

When you feel you do need to wash it properly, then use less shampoo than usual,

you're in the shit.

Umm how about leaving your hair alone for a while?