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Global Anti-Aging Devices Markets, Competitive Landscape Analysis and Forecasts 2018 to 2028: High Demand for Minimally Invasive and Non-Invasive Procedures -

The market mainly comprises two types of devices depending on end-user of such device type- stand-alone devices and direct-to-consumer devices. Stand-alone devices are those devices that are mainly handled by skilled professionals and used to conduct in-office skin treatment.

On the other hand, direct-to-consumer devices are user-friendly, hand-held devices that are used by the consumer directly and allows home-based treatment. These anti-aging devices are designed based on a single technology or a combination of technologies, such as laser, pulsed light, infra-red light, ultrasound and radiofrequency.

The demand for restoring younger looks by repairing aging skin has been the initial driving force towards the growth of the anti-aging devices market. The growing influx of reconstructive procedures and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures has been a key trend witnessed by the market in the past few years.

Besides, factors such as increasing awareness related to novel anti-aging devices, high demand for non-invasive skin treatments, growing incidences of premature skin aging, and rise in geriatric population, are contributing significantly towards the growth of the global anti-aging devices market. On the contrary, lack of clinical data, instances of product recalls and side-effects associated with these devices are some of the challenges hampering the growth of the market.

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