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    Pulsaderm Red LED - Light Therapy Technology - FDA Cleared
    Beauty (Pulsaderm)


    List Price: $75.00
    Price: $75.00

    • LED RED LIGHT THERAPY - This device uses a NASA® developed light therapy technology that activates skin cells. It employs a wavelength at the optimal power intensity that's medically proven when it comes to alleviating the skin problems caused by aging and sun damage.
    • FDA CLEARED - This LED Red Light Therapy device is cleared for use by the FDA and is used target fine lines, wrinkles, and crow's feet, plus it helps improve skin texture. The maximum results occur in three to seven weeks. You will see gradual improvements in the targeted areas with each subsequent session.
    • NON-INVASIVE PROCEDURE - Unlike laser treatments or IPLs that require long healing periods, Pulsaderm Skin Renewal is gentle, painless, and non-abrasive. It utilizes red, non-coherent LED light waves that are designed to penetrate deep into the skin. Some may even find the treatment to be comfortable and relaxing.
    • PROMOTES COLLAGEN PRODUCTION - This product activates skin cells to promote collagen production. The energy delivered by the LEDs enhances cellular metabolism in order to accelerate the repair of damaged skin cells and stimulate the production of structural proteins.
    • QUICK AND EASY TO USE - The Pulsaderm Red LED should ideally be used in 3 minute treatments 3 times a week. Before use, make sure that your skin is clean, free from any makeup, oil, or dirt. Use the included safety goggles as a precaution to shield your eyes from the light. The non-coherent light is not harmful to the eyes. Gently place the device over the desired skin area and hold it in place! No other tools or products are needed.

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    Health and Beauty (Teeko Beauty)

    Teeko Beauty

    List Price: $114.99
    Price: $114.99

    • ✔ ENHANCE YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY! Fights Wrinkles, Combat Acne, Decrease Redness, Reduce Pore Size, Increase Skin Elasticity, Revive aging skin, and Boost Circulation.
    • ✔ TRANSFORM YOUR SKIN! Our Borealis Photon Therapy Mask is a UV FREE, Holistic, Painless, Non-invasive, Non chemical, skin solution that you can use at the convenience of your own home.
    • ✔ EXPERIENCE YOUTHFUL LOOKING SKIN! Endorsed by celebrities and many beauty gurus alike. Our Borealis Photon Therapy Mask by Teeko Beauty activates collagen growth and restores skin to its natural beauty.
    • ✔ REJUVENATE, REVITALIZE, RENEW! Contributing to a more youthful, more radiant complexion. Uses LED technology to increase metabolic processes to repair, strengthen and tone, creating a more vibrant and youthful complexion.
    • ✔ FOR THE BEST RESULTS: We recommend using the mask for at least 15 minutes a day!

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Reports are surfacing that one of the top red wine researchers has falsified some of his findings. In item, the data that pointed to the health benefits of red wine and its anti-aging properties may be untrustworthy. Dr. Dipak K. Das is the director of

Laser Mole Removal: Dr Sam Speron Says A New Year Brings New Technologies

A pigmented lesion can be identified as a raised or unconditional spot on the skin that is brownish, red, blue-black or tan in color. This could become available as a mole, freckle, skin tag, sun/aging spot or birthmark. The New Year has brought us continued imporvement

Written by Pamela Robin Brandt - BT Contributor

If warming up sounds like too much work, Fernando Maestre, owner of Lido Beauty (6685 Collins Ave., 305-864-8838) suggests a way to renew yourself with no attainment whatsoever on your part: The salon features the only anti-aging Red Light Therapy bed in

This Acne Treatment Is as Easy as Turning on a Light

. The drug, known as methyl aminolevulinate , resembles the jelly that’s slathered on the bellies of moms-to-be during ultrasounds and becomes sensitized by the blue and/or red light administered to help in the battle against blemishes. Unfortunately, the review of the qualifying studies on the conductor found it to not be as effective as originally thought, as it only provided a slight reduction in inflammation compared to similar remedies that skip it altogether. It also caused allergic reactions in some instances.

Though there might be questions surrounding the cream involved, skin care experts still highly recommend light therapy to help erase acne. Board-certified NYC dermatologist Debra Jaliman argues that light therapy is great not just for attacking active acne but also for preventing future breakouts. As spot treatments tend to stay near the skin’s surface, light therapy uses a combination of red and blue light to get skin deep and stop acne-causing bacteria before anything pops up. In fact, according to celebrity medical esthetician Holly Cutler (better known as The Skin Saint), over 30 clinical trials have proven the efficacy of LED.

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