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This Acne Treatment Is as Easy as Turning on a Light

. The drug, known as methyl aminolevulinate , resembles the jelly that’s slathered on the bellies of moms-to-be during ultrasounds and becomes sensitized by the blue and/or red light administered to help in the battle against blemishes. Unfortunately, the review of the qualifying studies on the conductor found it to not be as effective as originally thought, as it only provided a slight reduction in inflammation compared to similar remedies that skip it altogether. It also caused allergic reactions in some instances.

Though there might be questions surrounding the cream involved, skin care experts still highly recommend light therapy to help erase acne. Board-certified NYC dermatologist Debra Jaliman argues that light therapy is great not just for attacking active acne but also for preventing future breakouts. As spot treatments tend to stay near the skin’s surface, light therapy uses a combination of red and blue light to get skin deep and stop acne-causing bacteria before anything pops up. In fact, according to celebrity medical esthetician Holly Cutler (better known as The Skin Saint), over 30 clinical trials have proven the efficacy of LED.

Help!. Ive had my hair colour stripped (with bleach) and now its snapping, falling out and I have itchy scalp.?

Ive always been one for changing my hair colour. I naturally have mid brown hair and decided to go a little lighter this summer. I purchased some highlighting cream from avon and used it over 3 cosecutive days. This was all fine until I got bored and

A few other things you could also do.

Don't wash your hair too often, you can clean it a lot by just water with no shampoo then condition.

When you feel you do need to wash it properly, then use less shampoo than usual,

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Umm how about leaving your hair alone for a while?