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Sydney mother's dire warning after breast implants almost ruined her life

These are just some of the severe symptoms Sydney resident Simone McKenzie Slaven, 39, has experienced over the past eight years.

But it wasn’t until the mum-of-three discovered this list of symptoms on a website that she concluded her breast implants most likely led to the profound decline in her health.

“How bad did it get? I remember being curled up on the kitchen floor, crying in agony with my three children standing over me not knowing what to do. I didn’t care about living because I was barely existing,” she told

Ms McKenzie Slaven’s health deteriorated to the point where she was forced to quit work as a retail assistant and part-time model and become a virtual recluse.

“The neurologist had no ideas for me. The cardiologist said my heart was fine. The ER doctors thought I was crazy. The pain got so bad I would crawl down the hallway in the morning to take my medication and wait for it to start working so I could stand up,” she said.

Breast enhancement exercises?

What are some good breast enhancement exercises that tone all of the upper body? Resources are greatly appreciated.

Working out/losing fat tends to make your breasts smaller. I have seen multiple people with that problem.
Just a word of advice...There are really good bras out there. (I'm not trying to advertise...but just saying)I got one "Miraculous bra"

Chest flys help using dumbbells.. got everything u need for exercise Sugar ;D

whats that breast enhancement exercise equipments name?

i saw one on tv its this spring kind of thing you push your arms together what was the name for that?

Those exercises don't actually enhance your bust. They build your pectoral muscles (which lie directly under your breasts). The built up muscle pushes your breasts out further but doesn't make them any fuller. There are only three ways to make your breasts


Unfortunately, no creams, pills or exercises can increase the size of your breasts. The only route is surgery and I'm not sure that would be the best idea either unless your really serious.