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Take a sip of 'Capparis tomentosa': My patients are proof that it works!

 Azadirachta Indica (neem tree) – Malaria

 Prunus Africana (African plum tree) – enlarged prostate gland

 Warburgia Ugandensis – antimicrobial, painkiller, treats 12 symptoms

 Carissa spinarum – purgative, treats 5 symptoms

 Aloe secundiflora – malaria and nine other conditions

 Erythrina abyssinica – stomachache, toothache and 29 other conditions

 Tylosema fassoglensis – gastrointestinal and urinary problems and 8 other conditions

 Toddalia asiatica - stomach problems and malaria and 3 other symptoms

 Harrisonia abyssinica– stomach problems including diarrhea and 6 other conditions


Commonly-used parts of plants

 Roots – 38%

 Leaves –  28%

Where can you buy breast enhancement herbs?

I've heard they work and was just wondering where abouts you can get them from?

Save your money; it's all a scam.

You don't buy them THAT's your answer.

Are you that insecure of your breasts that you would go buy some enhancement herbs?
You're probably a beautiful person. Breasts or flat chest, you're breasts shouldn't matter to you're appearance.

What are some breast enhancement herbs that i can take to lift my breast?

There aren 't any.