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Sex Toy Company Sues New York Subway for Screwing With Its First Amendment Rights

Subway riders in New York City will see ads for condoms, erectile dysfunction pills, breast enhancement surgery, and sexually suggestive imagery hawking everything from the Museum of Sex to upcoming film releases.

But guess what is apparently too much for the innocent eyes of New Yorkers? Female sex toys.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), which runs the New York subway system and city bus lines, was hit with a First Amendment lawsuit on Tuesday after allegedly refusing to run a series of ads for Dame, a Brooklyn-based vibrator-maker founded by a Columbia University grad.

The lawsuit claims MTA's refusal to run Dame's ads is a violation of "the First Amendment, due process, equal protection, and common sense" and claims that the company spent more than $150,000 making changes to proposed ads to comport with MTA-issued feedback before being told the ads were not going to be permitted anyway. That's an "arbitrary and unlawful decision," Dame's attorney contends.

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Do breast enhancement pills work?

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