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15 Women Are Suing 'Best Plastic Surgeon' for Botched Jobs

Named Gerard J. Stanley Jr. one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the city.

But 15 women are now suing Stanley , the medical director at SCULPT Contemporary Cosmetic Surgery , for misrepresenting himself as a “board-certified” plastic and cosmetic surgeon. The lawsuits claim that Stanley “holds himself out to patients” as a qualified surgeon, despite allegedly not having completed the training for such board certification.

In the wake of the accusations, Stanley abruptly closed his practice for good last week.

Because of his alleged lack of training, the women claim he incorrectly performed cosmetic surgeries and procedures that left them excessively scarred, disfigured, and in pain.

Thomas Shomaker, a lawyer representing Stanley, told The Daily Beast that—despite what the lawsuits claim—his client is trained in cosmetic surgery and feels he treated the women correctly.

But Tom Gleason, a paralegal representing 14 of the women with the James Martin Davis Law Office, said the firm is still getting phone calls from new women coming forward about their alleged botched cosmetic surgeries.

is there any product out there that can help with breast enhancement without surgery?

i'm 37 years old and i notice my breast are sagging ALOT!! any suggestions on trying to lift them or make them look more fuller?

They are sagging because of Gravity. There is nothing you can do about gravity. All cosemtic surgery will do is waste money.

There was an herbal supplment on the market a while back called Bloussant. It was supposed to cause a womens breasts

There are no products that have been scientifically proven to do that other than surgery, and most the time they come out nasty anyway. Sorry.

To make them bigger and more plump, just rub them everyday with toilet paper. (You should see what its done for my wife's @ss!)

I felt a lump on my girlfriends breast. Did she have breast enhancement surgery without telling me?

I felt lied too... I hope she gets cancer.

Hey Jerk, you ever heard of milk glands, fatty tissue, glands. If you knew anything about a woman you'd know these all go along with the property. Who told you your in charge anyway ? if you weren't so dumb you'd be able to tell if she had implants, so

She doesn't have to tell you and you have no right to know. You are her boyfriend but you don't sound like a very good one because you hope she gets cancer which she might have. You can usually tell if a girl has had a boob job. You sound like a horrible

she needs a newer, better boyfriend.