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Looking good and confident is something that every woman wants. And for that physical appearance is as important as her attitude and personality. Having well-shaped and properly sized breasts is one of the most important aspects which is considered for making a woman look beautiful. However, this is a problem area for many women. Many women have small breasts and this hampers their appearance and looks considerably. Not only this, women with small breasts usually suffer from depression and lower esteem. The dresses that they wear don’t look as great when they are worn by full-breasted women.

Along with small breasts, many women also suffer from sagging breasts after pregnancy and nursing or as they grow older. All these things too bring in depression in women. Though there are some reasons for small and unshaped breasts, in most of the cases genetics is to be blamed. Therefore apart from surgery there are no other means to get this problem right in women. It is needless to say that the surgery will be a major one and involve loads of risks and pain at the same time. Also, results vary from one individual to another. There are also chances of serious side effects from the surgery, which is not desirable in any case.

is there anybody who has felt best permanant results by using breast enhancement suction pump?

i am married, with two cute daughters.i have breastfed them both
my breast are so small like 32 b is my size. after feeding two babies, they have got saggy also. so i seem almost flat. m very tense.someone has told me about using the breast enhancement

this won,t work. if you want results; see a board certified plastic surgeon. surgical breast enhancements are very popular, and work. i,ve seen a couple of breast reduction and enhancement programs on the learning channel. very happy women who did their

dont use pumps use a herbal remedy such as Max Bust 36

Any results with breast enhancement pills from GNC?

I'm happy with my body but would like a bigger and fuller chest. I think I'm going to try a breast enhancing supplement from GNC called "Biotech Corporation Natual Curves" it has pretty good reviews. Have any WOMEN taken this and experience

Pl. try breast massage.
Breast massage as a method of natural breast enlargement and breast health has actually been used for years as a means of stimulating healthy breast growth and promoting breast tone, pliability and firmness.

if these pills/creams Worked Don't you think Most women would use them? Think about it

I have never taken them but i heard they do not work at all and are a waste of money. I have small boobs too but i like them and you should just try to be happy with what you have :)