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Ban sought on breast injections after health problems arise:The Asahi Shimbun

A plastic surgery association is seeking to ban the “filler-injection” method for breast augmentation following multiple reports of complications, including deformities and infections, in Japan’s totally unregulated field.

“We should stop using filler for the purpose of breast augmentation,” said Hiroyuki Ojimi, an executive of the Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (JSAPS).

JSAPS, which has 1,220 members, plans to compile guidelines within a year to prohibit medical doctors from using filler for breast enhancement and to set other regulations. It will ask the health ministry to create an approval system for the breast augmentation sector.

Filler gel, comprising several chemical agents, including polyacrylamide, silicon and hyaluronic acid, is injected into the breast through a tube.

The method is popular among Japanese women because, unlike implants of silicon-packed artificial breasts, it does not require general anesthesia nor leave large scars.

Any injections in India market that i can use for breast enhancement?

I don't know of any injections, it seem like that would be very dangerous. al_breast_enlargement__by_hi.htm

Read about this, and begin your research like I did.

i dont know about injection..but if u want an ayurveda massage oil for breast enhancement then i knw on ayurveda doctor who gives that oil his id is

there is no medication to enhance the size of the breast.
it depends on the gene of the person.
excercise of the chest can increase the size of the breast.

Any injections in India market that i can use for breast enhancement? and I need it?

injections, no, and don't do anything,
if u really want to enlarge your breasts, try the natural way, not plastic surgery, because they say it is 100% successful but the truth is that most of 40% they go under the knife again to put them out for

Natural is always beautiful. Whether small or big. Bcoz once u enlarge u might feel small was better.

u dont need a boob job, natural is better