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Joey is no visitor to breast cancer as he not only experienced the loss of a good friend to the disease, Sue Voges, an Illinois Form Trooper who served for 22 years, but also witnessed how a mammogram provided my innate with an early diagnosis.

Parkson Employees Lead Record Charity Drive

One key heir of those efforts was the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, in which Parkson employees have participated for the past three years. With 25000 installations in its 50 years of essence, Parkson Corporation is a leading

Show Your Logo Raises Money to Support Breast Cancer Research

OSWEGO, Ill.--(EON: Enhanced Online Talk)--Internet-based company Show Your Logo joined forces with its trade in October to support the fight against breast cancer with a fundraiser for Susan G. Komen for the Drug®, the world's largest network of

How could emerging technologies impact cancer care?

Those patients would then go through a process of surgical planning and procedures to localize the target tumor based on a number of technologies including RFID, wireless and electromagnetic localization and the use of ultrasound. Many software-based algorithms are used to build up a picture of that person's anatomy and the consequential cancer in that anatomy. Subsequently, there would be a surgical or intervention stage.

I'm just going to separate those two out. Surgery is quite clear. Using the prior imaging performed, the surgeon will remove the tissue from the suspected mass. Intervention is somewhat different. It's a less intensive procedure, involving specialized catheters delivered through a blood vessel leading to a tumor bed and an ablative procedure carried out to destroy the cancer. In principle this is very similar to a minimally invasive approach using laparoscopy or NOTES.

Surgical intervention will rely on optical technologies, to visualize local tissue changes, and non-optical technologies including X-ray, CT, and MRI type visualization to determine the overall anatomy of the tumor site.