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Illinois Governor Approves State Breast Density Reporting Bill Into Law

Healthcare provider for information about the notification. Previous laws have directed women to their referring doctor for questions. According to Patti Beyer, patient advocate and founder of the Illinois Breast Density Initiative, “This means that women in Illinois are being encouraged to have a conversation with the expert, the radiologist, the doctor who determined their breast density, and dialog about the options for supplemental screening."

Beyer led the advocacy efforts in Illinois. She learned of the challenges of dense breast tissue from her sister who lives in California, one of the early adopters of a breast density law. Despite a normal mammogram , Beyer asked her healthcare providers about her breast tissue and found out that she has dense breast tissue. An adjunct ultrasound screening was prescribed and an invasive early-stage breast cancer was detected.

"The earlier cancer is detected and treated, the better the outcome,” said Rep. Michael McAuliffe. “Unfortunately, many women are left unaware that their mammogram results were inconclusive and that they have a right to additional testing.”