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    CANAE Pueraria Mirifica Natural Breast Enlargement Gel Cream, Designed to Lift, Firm and Increase Your Bust Size for BIG Boobs, 3.5 Oz
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    List Price: $29.00
    Price: $29.00

    • ✔ FIRMING BENEFIT: It effectively helps lift up and tighten sagging breasts due to aged-related factors, leaving them firm and properly-shaped.
    • ✔ ENHANCEMENT BENEFIT: It helps enhance the size of breasts with the best concentrated natural extract and new innovation developed to meet the requirement of breast enhancement. Its results are guaranteed with the bigger size of breasts without plastic surgery.
    • ✔ SAFE BENEFIT: There are no chemicals and preservatives added so it is ensured that no side effect is related to users.
    • ✔ ORGANIC RESULT: The use of organic natural compounds ensure maximum safety while promoting healthy results. However, please expect the results to be gradual unlike synthetic chemicals or toxic steroids.
    • ✔ ORGANIC INGREDIENT: It is a 100% natural-based cream which is safe to users. As it is naturally made, it can be used regularly and continuously every day without any negative effects.


Why Stone Cold Refused The ECW Championship; Jazz Talks Paul Heyman & Breast Implants

It was also because I figured if I rolled in there and Paul [Heyman] wanted to put the strap on me; but, Mike [Whipwreck] had it. I said, ‘No man.’ Here I just came waltzing in and because I came from WCW. I was a very good mechanic in the ring; but, I wasn’t a superstar yet although we’d call myself “Superstar” Steve Austin there in ECW – I said, ‘Man, everybody’s expecting me to take the Title. Let me chase it. Let me earn it.’ I want to get over with that ECW crowd or wherever it is from a television standpoint. Those people in that sh*t hole arena, the ECW Arena – it was a dump and when I say that I mean it as a compliment. It was just this raw crazy atmosphere with a lot of guys working their asses off to build that place up and doing a hell of a job with all those great promos. I just didn’t want to waltz in there and get handed a belt. I wanted to earn it through the boys in the company and earn the fans respect. I just didn’t want it handed to me….I wanted to earn it and I wanted to work for it.