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    Pueraria Mirifica Capsules 500mg - 100% Pure Powder - Natural Breast And Body Tissue Firming & Enlargement - Menopause Relief - Vaginal Health - Hair & Skin Revitalizing Treatment - 60 Capsules
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    • PROMOTE VAGINAL HEALTH: Apart from its firming properties, Pueraria Mirifica will increase lubrication, eliminating pain during intercourse, especially in post-menopausal women who may suffer from vaginal dryness.
    • BIGGER AND FIRMER BREASTS: Pueraria Mirifica with its breast enhancement properties, which are actually a side-effect of the herb, will shape and make your breast bigger and firmer. Its phytoestrogens stimulate the mammary glands stimulating estrogenic activity that offers this firming and augmentative result.
    • THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: Found to increase collagen production, Pueraria Mirifica increases firmness and elasticity making it look more youthful. Offer your skin a complete anti-aging treatment. In Addition, Pueraria Mirifica is a herb from Northern Thailand, which is commonly used by high profile cosmetic manufacturers.
    • LESS GRAY HAIR, NO MORE BRITTLE HAIR: Pueraria Mirifica can significantly improve your hair's appearance. Your hair will become stronger, hair loss and gray hair will be reduced. Watch yourself as your hair will gradually become more voluminous, sleek and soft.
    • NO MORE HOT FLASHES AND SLEEPING DISORDERS DURING MENOPAUSE: Pueraria Mirifica is widely used as a natural treatment for the alleviation of menopause symptoms. The phytoestrogens mimic estrogen activity in the woman's body, helping it maintain hormonal balance and relieves women from annoying symptoms such as hot flashes.

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