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breast enhancement surgery cost

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Woman Obsessed With Melania Trump Has Eight Plastic Surgery Operations to Look Like First Lady

Sierra, 42-year-old mother of two, says she has battled with self-esteem issues since the age of seven. Her nose, hair, and darker features were seen as targets for her bullies, which further contributed to her lack of confidence.   After a partial mastectomy for breast cancer, she explains, her body image insecurities were exacerbated when a potential romantic interest said she looked older than her age. "That was the first date I had since cancer, it broke me apart, I knew I wanted to change everything about myself," she said.

Sierra underwent eight surgeries to boost her self-confidence and look like "the perfect woman", she reveals in an "Inside Edition" teaser. "First Lady" surgeries ranged from pulling her cheeks back to breast augmentation, going from a 34C to a 30G. She also did a non-surgical makeover by getting hair extensions, blue eye contacts, and a spray tan to darken her skin tone—all characteristics of her idol. Her procedures to date have cost an estimated $50,000.

How much does Breast enhancement surgery cost?

anywhere between 3,000 to 8,000

if your planning on getting one dont buy a real cheap one or go to a real cheap place.

you get what you pay for. so go to a nice decent place. ask around to people who has theirs done in your

is breast enhancement surgery very painful?

what are the pros and cons of getting them done? how much does it usually cost?

have you tried any breast enhancement cream or supplements before?

My friend told me they are very effective. No pain at all. My friend has tried breast enhancement cream, and her breasts have increased one cup size. Now she is still using

grl lets go get it done 2getha

yes!! omg so f***ing painful!!!

never do it!!!


no pro's all cons!!!

bad idea!!!

expensive too!!

*edit* feeling bad now! lol, i dont know what it