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breast enhancement surgery cost

One Implant, Two Prices. It Depends On Who’s Paying.

Kim S. didn’t have to pay a penny for her double mastectomy or the reconstructive surgery she had after treatment for breast cancer in June 2018. Her health insurance fully covered both procedures.

Knowing that, cost wasn’t an issue for her in selecting the type of breast implants. She asked her plastic surgeon, “If I were your wife, what would you [choose]?” After pondering the options, she went with Mentor MemoryGel implants.

According to her hospital bill, those implants came with a price tag of $3,500 apiece, or $7,000 total.

Such a high charge for the exact same item would have been unthinkable if the procedure was cosmetic breast augmentation, which is generally not covered by health insurance. When patients pick up the tab, cosmetic surgery packages for breast augmentation cost about the same — $7,000 — but that includes the doctor’s fee, implants, operating room time and anesthesia.

The radical difference in price demonstrates in stark numerical terms how costs often depend on who is paying the bill.

How much does Breast enhancement surgery cost?

anywhere between 3,000 to 8,000

if your planning on getting one dont buy a real cheap one or go to a real cheap place.

you get what you pay for. so go to a nice decent place. ask around to people who has theirs done in your

is breast enhancement surgery very painful?

what are the pros and cons of getting them done? how much does it usually cost?

have you tried any breast enhancement cream or supplements before?

My friend told me they are very effective. No pain at all. My friend has tried breast enhancement cream, and her breasts have increased one cup size. Now she is still using

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