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'It was a boob factory': Cheap breast implants marketed to women on welfare, with devastating consequences

TCI is now the subject of a class action by patients who suffered complications following breast augmentation surgery.

The company has been sold and rebranded as Cosmetic Evolution.

Several other clinics around the country are operating under a similar business model to TCI, with implants costing under $6,000.

Surgery at these low-cost providers is typically carried out by doctors who aren't plastic surgeons, and when complications arise, they can be ill-equipped to deal with it.

Complications from breast implant surgery can include everything from infections, to pain caused by contracture of the implant, to deformity.

World-first implant check-up clinic opens

The number of women suffering complications after attending low-cost surgeons has led to a world-first breast implant check clinic being set up at Sydney's Macquarie University.

The clinic was established by Professor Anand Deva, who told Four Corners that until now, these women had nowhere to go if they were concerned about their surgery.

How much does Breast enhancement surgery cost?

anywhere between 3,000 to 8,000

if your planning on getting one dont buy a real cheap one or go to a real cheap place.

you get what you pay for. so go to a nice decent place. ask around to people who has theirs done in your

is breast enhancement surgery very painful?

what are the pros and cons of getting them done? how much does it usually cost?

have you tried any breast enhancement cream or supplements before?

My friend told me they are very effective. No pain at all. My friend has tried breast enhancement cream, and her breasts have increased one cup size. Now she is still using

grl lets go get it done 2getha

yes!! omg so f***ing painful!!!

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no pro's all cons!!!

bad idea!!!

expensive too!!

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